Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Everyday Make-up Essentials

I recently done a post on what's in my make-up box and from this I realised I had to do my everyday make-up essentials. As most people know, I will never leave my house without make-up so these make-up essentials are extremely useful...

1.The foundation that I am loving at the moment (and have done for the past 5 years) is Maxfactor Colour Adapt. I have no idea how I was introduced to the product but it is definitely a favourite. It retails for about €15 and it's well worth the price. It has a sort of creamy texture and goes on so smoothly. I used to use the darker shade (75 golden) but it was a little bit too dark for everyday use and with changing my hair colour back to blonde, I thought I would tone it down, so the current shade I'm using is 70 Natural.
2.My next essential is my eyeliner. I've always worn black eyeliner since I was probably about 12...but I only use it on the waterline now so it's not too dramatic. Currently a huge favourite for me is the Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl. This stays on all day and doesn't smudge. And even better is that it has a sharpener in the lid if you're on the go! It retails at around €7 in Boots stores. Another eyeliner that I love is Barry M's Kohl Pencil. Again, this stays in place all day and doesn't smudge, and is perfect for everyday use.
3.The next make-up essential is my powder and my bronzer. Both are recent purchases and both cost around €3 each. I was running out of powder last week and my bronzer shattered awhile ago so I had to buy more, but I just didn't have the money. So I ended up buying from the cheaper natural collection range. I've had terrible experiences with this brand before but I was pleasantly surprised by my two recent purchases. Although they were cheap purchases, they do their job well. Nothing to rant and rave about, but I probably would buy both again, without hesitation.The powder I am using is the pressed powder in the Warm shade, while the sun tint bronzing powder is in the Sun Shine shade.
4.On to my eye-shadow essentials, and I'm currently using 17 eye trio in the Nude shade. It is compiled of three neutral shades, perfect for every day use. I use the medium shade as the base on my lid and the darker colour to contour. I rarely ever use the lightest shade but when I do, it's to highlight my brows.
5.This brings me onto the next essential, my eyebrow pencil. I'm currently using no.7 beautiful brows pencil in 10. Brown/ Black. Its the perfect shade because it's more of an auburn colour and matches the shade my of my hair quiet well. I only ever really use this pencil to define the shape of my brows and this usually only occurs once or twice a week. I'm not fully sure of the actual retail price, but I know I bought mine at a reduced rate of €5. 
6.The next part of my daily routine is my mascara. I wear mascara EVERYWHERE I go, this is mainly because I have such fair hair and lashes that if I didn't, my eyes would seem so small. I also have quite sensitive eyes so I can only use certain mascaras without them itching or stinging my eyes. One that I have been purchasing since I was about 16 is Maybellines Great Lash in brownish black. I remember all of my friends using this when I was younger, and at least half still do. That's mainly because it is actually a good mascara. It's not clumpy or too over priced and available in most Boots stores and pharmacies. 
FINALLY, my blusher. I don't wear blush everyday, it usually only appears if I want to make an effort, and I usually have blusher from the no.7 range or 17. However, I got a gift set last Christmas with eye-shadows and bronzers and a blush in it. It's called sunkissed and I don't think they're available for individual purchase. It's not a fantastic range or anything but the shade of blush is quite natural and subtle (a brownie-pink) which is the main reason I'm using it. I wouldn't buy it and am only really using it because it's there, but's ok! 
Phew, that's a kind of run through of my everyday make-up essentials, and these are all perfect for my hectic lifestyle (some more than others).
Thanks for reading...any comments can be left below!
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    1. Thank you so much :) I will follow your blog back now!!xXx


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