Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Everyday Make-up Essentials

I recently done a post on what's in my make-up box and from this I realised I had to do my everyday make-up essentials. As most people know, I will never leave my house without make-up so these make-up essentials are extremely useful...

1.The foundation that I am loving at the moment (and have done for the past 5 years) is Maxfactor Colour Adapt. I have no idea how I was introduced to the product but it is definitely a favourite. It retails for about €15 and it's well worth the price. It has a sort of creamy texture and goes on so smoothly. I used to use the darker shade (75 golden) but it was a little bit too dark for everyday use and with changing my hair colour back to blonde, I thought I would tone it down, so the current shade I'm using is 70 Natural.
2.My next essential is my eyeliner. I've always worn black eyeliner since I was probably about 12...but I only use it on the waterline now so it's not too dramatic. Currently a huge favourite for me is the Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl. This stays on all day and doesn't smudge. And even better is that it has a sharpener in the lid if you're on the go! It retails at around €7 in Boots stores. Another eyeliner that I love is Barry M's Kohl Pencil. Again, this stays in place all day and doesn't smudge, and is perfect for everyday use.
3.The next make-up essential is my powder and my bronzer. Both are recent purchases and both cost around €3 each. I was running out of powder last week and my bronzer shattered awhile ago so I had to buy more, but I just didn't have the money. So I ended up buying from the cheaper natural collection range. I've had terrible experiences with this brand before but I was pleasantly surprised by my two recent purchases. Although they were cheap purchases, they do their job well. Nothing to rant and rave about, but I probably would buy both again, without hesitation.The powder I am using is the pressed powder in the Warm shade, while the sun tint bronzing powder is in the Sun Shine shade.
4.On to my eye-shadow essentials, and I'm currently using 17 eye trio in the Nude shade. It is compiled of three neutral shades, perfect for every day use. I use the medium shade as the base on my lid and the darker colour to contour. I rarely ever use the lightest shade but when I do, it's to highlight my brows.
5.This brings me onto the next essential, my eyebrow pencil. I'm currently using no.7 beautiful brows pencil in 10. Brown/ Black. Its the perfect shade because it's more of an auburn colour and matches the shade my of my hair quiet well. I only ever really use this pencil to define the shape of my brows and this usually only occurs once or twice a week. I'm not fully sure of the actual retail price, but I know I bought mine at a reduced rate of €5. 
6.The next part of my daily routine is my mascara. I wear mascara EVERYWHERE I go, this is mainly because I have such fair hair and lashes that if I didn't, my eyes would seem so small. I also have quite sensitive eyes so I can only use certain mascaras without them itching or stinging my eyes. One that I have been purchasing since I was about 16 is Maybellines Great Lash in brownish black. I remember all of my friends using this when I was younger, and at least half still do. That's mainly because it is actually a good mascara. It's not clumpy or too over priced and available in most Boots stores and pharmacies. 
FINALLY, my blusher. I don't wear blush everyday, it usually only appears if I want to make an effort, and I usually have blusher from the no.7 range or 17. However, I got a gift set last Christmas with eye-shadows and bronzers and a blush in it. It's called sunkissed and I don't think they're available for individual purchase. It's not a fantastic range or anything but the shade of blush is quite natural and subtle (a brownie-pink) which is the main reason I'm using it. I wouldn't buy it and am only really using it because it's there, but's ok! 
Phew, that's a kind of run through of my everyday make-up essentials, and these are all perfect for my hectic lifestyle (some more than others).
Thanks for reading...any comments can be left below!
Dawn x x x

What's in my make-up box...

Okay so I had to do a post about my make-up case. As you can see from the picture my make up case is ridiculously big! My boyfriend bought it for me for our one year anniversary and it was actually a fairly decent purchase. When I first seen it, I was like "YES this is going to be an excuse to fill it", but I've actually found it hasn't been that hard. It's actually the perfect size for me because before I had three make-up bags, each organised into different sections e.g. day-to-day, nights out, random stuff. My boyfriend used to say it was ridiculous, because I would ask him to get me my make-up bag when I was getting ready, and he would give me the wrong one, which would usually result in me getting mad because he didn't know which one I meant #GirlProblems. 

This case is actually perfect for me because of the amount of different sections and I can put my pride and joy (MAC Make-up Brushes) away safely, AND everything is kept neatly together. And it's pink! So the left hand side is my sort of every day make-up, with the essentials being on the top (click here to see the blog on my everyday essentials) and the one off bits, on the lower section. 

The top right hand side has all of my night out essentials (darker foundation, black eye shadows, gel liner, etc) and the bottom section has lots of random eye-shadows and little bit and bobs.
So anyone that really knows me, knows how much I like to make an effort and feel glam. The bottom section of my make up case helps me achieve false eye lashes. I have about 5 individual sets and then I purchased 10 pairs of lashes from eBay last year, which was such a great investment (€1.50 I think for the set with postage and packaging). If you ever see me wearing false eyelashes during the day and I'm not going out that night, you know I'm feeling a little bit low and was in need of a pick me up!
The bottom shelf also has my make-up brushes, baby wipes (essential), brush cleaner and cleansing pads.
My main aim from this make-up case is to eventually get my nail polishes into it, and moisturisers and all that. I want to make sure it is being utilised to it's full potential and that every space is being used wisely!
Am I bit O-T-T with the size of my make-up box?! Do you think I should reduce it down to one make-up bag?! I'd love to hear your opinion...

Friday, 22 February 2013

100 Facts About Me

I recently read a post on my best friend, Ashs, blog and decided this is something I have to do. Some facts people already know, others people don't!
1.My names Dawn...DUH...It's a Greek name!
2. I have one sister
3. She's not like everyone else, special to me
4. My favourite animals are giraffes, closely followed by foxes, penguins and elephants
5. I'm a natural ginger
6. I have tons of freckles, but they only come out in the sun
7. My favourite colour is pink
8.  My room is pink
9. I act before I think, which has gotten me in a lot of trouble
10. I used to be super vain
11. I done my leaving certificate in 2008
12. I got 300 points
13. I done better in my mocks
14. I'm 22 and this year I'm going to turn 21 again
15. I love my hair
16. I hate hair being anywhere near food
17. I'm actually quite clumsy (certain people know the extent of this)
18. I fall atleast once on a night out
19. I sing...ALL THE TIME
20. I done singing lesson in 6th year for my leaving cert
21. I don't play sports
22. But I love swimming and walking
23. But I hate the sea
24. I have a fear of sharks...a really, really bad fear
25. I wouldn't walk through the shark tank in Florida without my dad
26. I love my dad
27. Others are terrified of him
28. He's a taxi driver at weekends
29. And I'm terrified he won't come home one night
30. He tries to shield me from the real world too much and I'm such a daddys girl
31. I'm getting super emotional writing this
32. I'm always super emotional
33. I look more like my mam, everyone says it
34. When I'm not paying attention, I sometimes go cock-eyed
35. I have four dogs
36. In 2012, I lost three in 7 months
37. Miss communication occurs a lot in my family
38. I'm a leo
39. I've had, what I would consider, four proper boyfriends
40. My longest relationship was a year and 6 months (exactly)
41. I've cheated before
42. And been cheated on
43. I've lost close friends in the past two years
44. And gained better ones
45. I'm in my final year of college
46. I'm studying retail and service management
47. The dream is to own my own business
48. I love the girls in college
49. I have the 5 best friends ever
50. Aisling is my best friends
51. I smoke and have done since I was 14
52. I don't know what colour my eyes are (any input would be helpful)
53. I have three jobs
54. I'm always busy
55. I'm a neat freak....apart from my room
56. I love nail polishes
57. Especially Barry M
58. I'm terrified of being alone
59. Spring is my favourite season
60. I can't sit still for too long
61. I've had a lot of piercings
62. I regret not doing classes when I was younger
63. I have a thing for blondes
64. Especially Macklemore atm
65. My boyfriends name is Mick
66. And I've been with him for a year and 3 months
67. I officially became his girlfriend on the 3rd of November (how cheesy)
68. That's also my dads and his mams birthday, and my nanas anniversary
69. I can't pronunce my r's very well and am very concious about saying certain words because of it!
70. I don't have any grandparents, they all passed away before I was born/ old enough to remember
71.  The worst thing I've had to live through was the day my uncle passed away
72. The second worst was my friends mam passing
73. I try to please everyone
74. I bottle things up
75. I'm such a little housewife
76. I love cleaning
77.I talk in my sleep
78. And also grind my teeth
79. I had braces
80. I don't read...EVER
81. My favourite holiday was to Florida
82. And I got to feed a giraffe
83. My favourite movie is Breakfast at Tiffanys or The Notebook
84. I have a huge crush on Ryan Gosling
85. And a little girl crush on Emma Stone
86. I've been working since I was 16
87. I don't know where I'll be in a week, let alone 5 years
88. My favourite perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy
89. My favourite blogger is Leanne Woodful
90. I used to hang around with her when I was a lot younger
91. I'll marry the person that takes me back to New York
92. I'm hard to read
93. I'm a big child at heart
94. All of my teddys have names
95. My dog Millie makes me smile everyday
96. I won't leave my house without make up
97. I got my full licence in 2009
98. My surname is Welsh
99. My mams maiden name is Sheehan
100. I've had an easy life, and love it all so far, including all the bits that have made me stronger.

Fair play if you got through them all..and thanks for reading

Quick Update

I haven't really been keeping up to date with my blog recently, and that's mainly because I've become really hectic with college. Only four weeks in and I know I have so much to do, and I've already submitted two assignments this week. Just a quick update of how college is going. So I'm starting my 5th week on Tuesday and it's so daunting thinking about the amount of work I still have to do. Two of my other close friends are also in their final year and either only have to submit a thesis or only have exams, so I really have a lot to do to maintain my 2.1. Oh that also brings me to my exam results, I got my results back about 2 weeks ago and passed everything with all my results being in the high 50's and 60's, so I was really happy with them (apart from one or two which I thought I done better in).
It was only yesterday that I realised I should probably update my blog, so decided to show you what I wore. These are basically two of my favourite outfits at the moment because they're both so easy to wear and anyone can pull them off! My college outfit is one of my favourites and newest.
Shorts - River Island - €35
DORK T-Shirt - Topshop - €27
Tights - Penneys - €3
Hi-Tops - Bank (Liffey Valley) -€38
Accessories - Friendship Bracelet - Claires Accessories, Charm Bracelet - Newbridge (Gift)

Thursday Outfits...
My boyfriend took me for dinner last night because we didn't get to go out for Valentines Day. Last year I was so sick, he had a booked a restaurant and I ended up not being able to go, so we both stayed in mine and all I could eat was baby food. So this year we said we would wait until the week after Valentines Day and go out on a day that suited both of us. We went to the Blazing Grill in Tallaght, and I can honestly not praise this place enough! The service is amazing and the food is even better. They're usually extremely busy, so I'd recommend you reserve a table. It's kind of a casual, yet smart restaurant so I wanted to make an effort without going over the top. The outfit I wore is something I'd also wear to work or college.
Jumper - Penneys
Black "Leather" Gilet - Penneys 
Black Skinny Jeans - Penneys - €15
Tank Top - H and M €4.99
Hi-Tops - Bank - €38
Bucket Bag - Penneys - €15
Thanks for reading!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Slight Obsession...

New Shoes From Bank
I had to do a review on my new shoes, they are that amazing!! I've been complimented on them at least 20 times since I've started wearing them. My boyfriend bought me them for Valentines day, and I had been scoping them out since the start of the month. They're from Bank, which is in Liffey Valley, and they're relatively inexpensive. Bank opened in Liffey Valley, I'd say, less than a year ago. I was kind of afraid to go inside for the first few months, mainly because I could see so much that I wanted to buy but was afraid of extortionate prices. I eventually built up the courage and stepped inside and realised it wasn't overly priced and was actually quite reasonable. I've only actually been in twice, but that's because I'm rarely ever up in Liffey Valley. Their style and merch at the moment is kind of that 90's swag and they have a lot of camouflage, snapbacks and hi-tops, which is all fine with me because it's a trend I'm currently loving. 
So I ended up seeing these Hi-top runners in Bank just before Valentines Day and I asked my boyfriend to get them for me (I hate when people buy me gifts and I know they will never be used, I'd rather just let someone know what to buy me). These runners have a wedge in them so they give you a little bit of height. I'm not small at all, I'm actually a quite tall (5'9ft) but I love the wedge because it makes my legs look slimmer. They're so easy to walk in and look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy jumper.
I told my boyfriend to get them in a size 7 because I have a high in step (I'm usually a size 6) and I wanted to be safe. They are a tight fit but they could stretch out. I'm fairly sure they cost around €38 and I think that Bank do a 10% student discount, so you get them for less than €35. Definitely love love LOVE these shoes and would tell every one to get a pair.
I also think I may have to save up and go on a Bank shopping spree...

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Catrice Prime and Fine Loose Powder

Ok, so I recently bought a loose powder from Catrice and felt I had to do I review on it. I discovered this range about a year ago and fell in love, mainly due to the fact that all of their products are so ridiculously cheap and usually as high a quality as the more expensive brands.  I’ve always bought nail polishes and lipsticks from this brand have bought one setting powder which was fine.

I love loose powder because I feel it goes on a lot easier and doesn’t go hard I guess after a few uses, even if it is a bit messy! So I seen the Catrice Prime and Fine translucent loose powder for only €5.95 (I think) and had to buy it. I used it for about a week and thought this is perfect, even if it did end up all over my floor. I did however notice that in some natural light pictures it made my skin tone look a bit weird and uneven. I convinced myself it was just me being conscious about using a new product like this on my face and continued using it. I did end up wearing it on a night out though, and realised it made my face look so white and ghostly, while making it look incredibly uneven in photos. After seeing these I couldn’t wear it anymore and am literally about to throw it in the bin. I’m too paranoid to be honest that that’s how it was making my face look on a day-to-day basis.
Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and would definitely say pay the extra €10 for a well-known brand, especially if it’s going anywhere near your face (need I mention my Garda age card picture and cheap makeup disaster). Other than that Catrices products are usually perfect for me and I was quite disappointed I didn’t like this product, but I’ve learnt my lesson now!

Has anyone else had any dodgy dealing with the Catrice brand?! I’d love to know!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Recent Purchases

I may have went a little bit overboard when I went shopping the other day, but then saying that I rarely ever spoil  myself (or have money to spoil myself). I ended up in Liffey Valley and was on the look out for some new spring/summer bits. I seen some pretty dresses but to be honest I wasn't overly pushed on them. I ended up buying a really nice black crop top in New Look which I have been looking for, for awhile. It was only €6.99 and I got student discount on top of that. I then went into Republic but I really wasn't feeling the style they had in at the moment, so ended up not buying anything, which is so strange!
I ended up going down to Dundrum later on in the day and picked up a few bits in Penneys. I'll admit I'm such a scab sometimes, that when I see something I like, I'll usually wait until Penneys get their own version in! As much as I love brand names, I can't actually afford them. So I ended up buying a good bit but the total was only €40, so I don't actually mind. Unfortunately I didn't see anything anywhere else, which is so typical.
Van Style Shoes €8
Black Skinny Jeans €8
Trackie Bottom €8
Fringe Vest €8
Black Lightweight Vest €4
Skull Print Scarf €4
New Look Black Crop Top €6.99

I ended up venturing into Boots, probably the one place I have to buy something! I bought some more of that Barry M nail polish in Plum and also 17 lasting fix lipstick in Honey Blossom. The lipstick is a bit risky for me, a little bit darker but it's not going to be for everyday use and will be mainly used for specific outfits or looks. It kind of has an orange tint to it which I only really realised when I got home, but it is nice on. The nail polish I of course had to buy after my experience with the other one and they're only €5.99 so it's well worth it.
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polish in Plum
17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Honey Blossom

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Everyday Essentials

One of my friends recently done a blog on her everyday college essentials and I thought I would share with you my everyday essentials (regardless of where I'm going). A lot of people have commented on the size of the bags that I carry (they're exceptionally large), but I do tend to carry a lot in them, and I love big bags! The main reason though that I will always have a big bag is because since I am in my final year I tend to either have college work with me, when I'm out and about, or journal articles for my thesis. I know this could seem extremely nerdy and what not, but I really don't care, any spare chance I get I try do something. So other than usually always  having college work with me, these are my other everyday essentials:
My Everyday Essentials
1. A diary and a pen - Working 3 jobs, having college and a social life, I sometimes need to write stuff down to remember where I am, on what days and what I'm meant to be doing. I recommend that anyone with a busy schedule to get one, because whether I have the hours that I've worked for the week or meetings I need to be at written down, in the past year this has been my life saver.
2. Lip Care - Whether it's vaseline or carmex I always carry something. I hate the feeling of my lips becoming really chapped, especially around winter time!
3. Body Spray/ Deodrant - Every girl should carry a perfume, body spray or deodrant in their handbag. There is nothing worse than getting a feeling that you smell a little bit and panicking for the rest of the day. Even if you don't use it, you may need it for an emergency one day!
4. Mints - I hate feeling like I have bad breath, and due to the fact that I tend to eat smelly and spicy foods, and I smoke, I will always have a pack of chewing gum in my bag. There is nothing better than having nice fresh breath all day around.
5. Bonjela - Due to the fact I get mouth ulcers a lot I always have to carry around bonjela.
6. Pain Killers - Again, because I get mouth ulcers I always have pain killers in my bag. Also great for any other pains and will realistically never go to waste (it's beginning to sound like I'm a walking first aid kit).
7. Eye Liner & 8. Lipstick - I'll admit I used to carry around my entire make up kit with me, but after many near fatal losses, I decided to only bring the essentials. And the essentials for me are lipstick and eyeliner. I always wear black eyeliner and I'm currently using Barry M kohl pencil which is relatively inexpensive, around €7. For my lipstick I usually carry around nude shades or light pinks for everyday use. Currently in my handbag I have Rimmel's Kate Moss Lipstick #26 Rossetto. It's a nude colour and adds a lovely gloss to your lips.
9. Hand Cream - I thought I had included this in the picture, but I must have forgotten somehow. Working with cash and newspapers, my hands get very dry, VERY quick. I'll always carry some form of hand cream in my bag, and I'm fairly sure most girls do (well most of my best friends do anyway). Right now, I'm using Vaseline healthy hands and UV protection (the green bottle). This has lasted about 5 months and I still have a good bit left. An essential to any girls hand bag!

Saying this, my going out bag would not contain as much stuff! Usually if I was going out I would have lipstick, mascara and an eye liner to touch up my make up (and if I remember, concealer), my camera which rarely ever emerges, my phone, my passport and money, and of course my house keys.

So that's my basic day to day hand bag essentials, quite a lot but they all come in handy at some point!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine

I recently bought a Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail polish in Boots. I didn't plan on purchasing it, the colour just caught my eye and as we're coming into Spring I thought that I should really stock up on pastel colours and leave the blacks and wines for Winter! I bought the nail polish in "Prickly Pear" and I love the colour. These nail polishes are basically designed to be like a Shellac or Gelac finish, with an ultra-glossy look. I've got Gelac nails done before and I love them, I just hated when they started growing out and the damage done to my nails after. Barry M's Gelly nail polishes are meant to be applied with one coat, and unfortunately I had to do two or three before I was happy with the colour (one coat looks slightly watery). Saying that though I painted my nails on Friday night and they haven't chipped at all (I work in a shop, so handling cash usually means my nail polish is destroyed by the end of a shift). 
One coat wasn't enough
I have to admit I do love these nail polishes and they're reasonably well priced (€5.95 each, and these were on offer at the time as buy 2 and get one free). You could get all the colours available in the range for the same price basically as getting Shellac nails done, and the results after aren't too traumatizing on your nails!
I love the colour after three coats! 
I would recommend these nail polishes, but would say to use more that one coat to get the true high shine and glossy effect!
I'd give the range and overall 4/5 mainly because one coat simply wasn't enough and they only have 9 shades currently available!