Thursday, 30 May 2013

Garnier Moisture Match Review

Hey guys
Long time no posts again, I'm actually becoming brutal. I'm almost finished my thesis but also feel I've become extremely lazy with it! Also thank you to anyone who answer my survey from my previous post. It was extremely helpful.

 Well on that note, onto the reason why I'm writing this post. I was sent out Garnier's new Moisture Match samples last week. I'm a fiend for trying different moisturisers and STILL haven't found one that I love (that's I lie, I have, I just refuse to pay over the top prices). The samples I received were for three different moisturisers; start afresh, protect and glow and wake me up. After trying all three samples I still feel indecisive about whether I like them or not. Now don't get me wrong Garnier always tend to be fairly well priced and do exactly what you perceive them too, but I'm still really not 100% yet. This could be due to the size of the samples, you really can't get a feel for them. Out of each sachet I got about two full faces from them, which is quite generous I suppose, but I think you really need to try them for at least a week to make your mind up. 
My skin type is neither oily or dry and I've never really had problems, such as spots, so I'm actually really lucky. I did however go through a phase of dried out patches which was due to a tinted moisturiser (since then I haven't touched a tinted moisturiser out of fear!). 
The start afresh moisturiser is for people with normal/ dry skin and is sort of like every other moisturiser. It rubs in well and smells quite nice. Nothing outstanding about it though. 
The protect and glow moisturiser is for people with normal skin and contains SPF 20. I've become a real freak lately about products containing SPF, I'm extremely fair skinned (natural ginger) and I get burnt in the shade… it's ridiculous. I also want to try minimise ageing effects, so I always try pick up moisturisers with some SPF on them. Overall, it was a good moisturiser, had a noce scent and was quite lightweight. However, there was no "glow" which didn't really bother me, but I thought I may have a slight tint after using it. 
Finally, the Wake Me Up moisturiser was probably the most disappointing. This could be due to the fact that this was the one I was most looking forward to using. I personally think my skin is quite dull and this moisturiser is specifically for people with dull skin. Again, a nice scent but not much else going for it. My skin felt just as dull as always and I actually felt as though it dried out too quickly (you know that tight feeling after an hour). 
Overall, I don't know if I would go out of my way to purchase any of these moisturisers. However, if they were on offer I would pick up one, preferably the Protect and Glow moisturiser.  They're quite average moisturisers with nothing overly appealing about them. 
What do you think about Moisture Match for Garnier? Have you tried any of these moisturers? Which one is your favourite?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

I Need YOUR help!!

Hi everyone! This post isn't like the rest of my posts and is more so me asking a favour of all of my lovely followers! Basically, as I'm doing my thesis I need a survey answered. I'm 7 away from my target and really need 7 people to answer this for me. It will take two minutes to answer so I would appreciate if you could answer it for me... Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much again, and once this is submitted I will hopefully be blogging A LOT more!
Dawn xXx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Benefit Brow-Zing Review

Hello Girls :)
I'm FINALLY finished my exams! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I'm almost there now just my thesis to be handed up on the 5th… so less than 2 weeks and I can finally get back to blogging more! 
So, mam and dad went away a few weeks ago and I asked them to pick me up something in the Duty Free! Ash had recommended Benefits Brow-Zings eyebrow kit to me awhile ago, and I had to try it out. 
As most people know, I'm very fair and my eyebrows have very little definition. I love getting my brows tinted and reshaped because they really frame your face. I've included a before, during and after picture to show you how well this product works!
Overall this product is well worth the price. It was €27 in Duty Free which isn't  actually too bad! I would recommend this to anyone that loves defined brows. I've been using this product everyday for the past three weeks and it looks like I've hardly touched it, so I'd say this will last me months!
I love the mini brushes that you can use out-and-about and also the mini tweezers, perfect idea. Overall I'd rate it 9/10, loosing one mark because its sort of difficult to understand the instructions included. Other than that, and if your comfortable doing hi-brows, then I'd highly recommend this.

What do you girls think of Benefit products? Have you tried this product? Opinions?! 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

NOTD - Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine

Hey guys,
So, I recently went on a little boots beauty haul and bought a ton of stuff...that I really didn't need. I should really be saving my money, but it literally burns a hole in my pocket!

One of the products I picked up is a new nail polish (like I needed anymore right?!). It's Barry M, of course, and it's like a pretty pink…I like to call it my barbie pink shade. It's super cute! It's from the Gelly Hi-Shine range too, so it won't chip or fade as quickly! 
The actual official name of the shade is #313 Dragon. Personally the name doesn't suit the shade...unless your perception of dragons are pretty, soft, friendly creatures, more like unicorns than dragons! I honestly love this shade at it may be a new summer favourite of mine!
What do you girls think? Yay or Nay?

Also just wondering how many bloggers or non-bloggers are heading to the Dublin meet up on June 1st? It's being organised by Katie Healy from What Katie Healy Did so click here for more information or if you would like go attend! xXx 

Fade Out...Throw it out!

Hello Ladies,
Again I must apologize for my complete lack of blogging within the past few weeks! I have literally been in the library most days until it closes...also if any of you follow me on Twitter you will have seen my many ramblings and pictures of, what I consider, hell on earth. Well the good news is, its Thursday which means I'm 3 exams down and only one left! I literally cannot wait for these to be finished and my thesis to be handed up.
Well onto the main reason for me writing this post. I had to share my experience of this moisturiser. So, I'll start from scratch...I recently discovered a website called Fragrance Direct, which I'm sure a lot of you may have heard about. If you haven't they basically sell beauty products at ridiculously low prices, and you know me a huge beauty junkie I had to stock up!
I knew I needed a new moisturiser and against the wise words of Ash from A Plus Size Pony Pal, I bought a moisturiser called "Fade Out" from this site. Now your probably wondering why Ash was discouraging me from making a purchase, basically as she stated I should buy a good moisturiser that will last me months as apposed to buying one online that I had no previous experience with. All I can say is she was right and I'm glad it only cost me £3! 
So why was I so unimpressed...well, there's a really distinct smell off it and not a nice one. It smells like granny, now I've never really had a granny so I can't be 100% sure about it, but judging from the elderly that I have met before they all have a distinct smell, and this is it. Even my boyfriend agreed with me on this one! It's also really thick to put on and really has no positives. It made my face moisturized for literally a minute, then dried out. I'm also fairly sure it dried my chin out so much it started to look like I was growing hairs! I would not recommend this product unless you want to smell like an old person with flaky skin!

If you take one thing from this girls, stick to a moisturiser you know and trust, even if it is a little bit on the pricey side. Have any of you ever tried Fade Out? Or any other moisturiser which you would never try again? I'd love to know if it is just me who absolutely hates this product!
Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Barry M Nail Art Pen

Hey Girls,
Apologies again for neglecting my blog...been super busy! I've literally spent at least 16 hours in the library within the past 4 days and that doesn't count studying time at home! Obviously with all this study it means I have to treat myself the odd I did! And what better way than buying one of the new Barry M nail art pens. I was really excited to try these to see if they were worth the hype.

They retail at about €7.50 each, which is a little bit steep but I had to try one...and I'm glad I did. It's really fun messing around with these and experimenting with new styles. It's also really easy to use. As you can see from the photo below I tried to recreate a zebra print using Barry M 'Matt White' as a base coat. Super easy to do and literally takes a second. I put a top coat of gloss over it (I used Catrice High Shine), because I found after wearing this for awhile the nail art actually starts rubbing away, and the gloss gives it a good shine. 
Overall the product is good and lives up to the hype like all Barry M products. Unfortunately trying to do nail art with the hand you don't write with is a little bit tough...but do-able! It is a bit pricey, but it's a relatively new concept and I'll probably end up buying the other shades to mix it up.
Pro's: quick drying, no smudges, ability to create professional designs over and over again
Con's: Begins to fade really quickly, hard to use unless your completely ambidextrous 
Barry M nail art pen, Catrice High Shine Gloss,
Barry M 'Matt White' base coat

Have you girls tried these nail art pens? What's your opinion? Any other products like this you would recommend?
Thanks for reading guys!