Thursday, 12 December 2013

Cocoa Brown Pink Party

On Monday night I was lucky enough to attend Cocoa Browns first birthday party, naturally a "Pink Party", in the Residence Members Club on Stephens Green. Everyone knows how much I love Cocoa Brown, and I feel ridiculously loyal to the brand now, so I jumped at the opportunity to attend. Unfortunately on the day I had been in work from 8am and ended up running behind, so I was a little bit late! When myself and Ash, from A Plus Size Pony Pal, walked in we were greeted by Marissa, who looked stunning as usual. Marissa is honestly a fantastic woman and such an inspiration. She makes you feel so welcome, and it's sort of like seeing a really good friend, which sounds absolutely crazy. Basically, I have a lot of time for her. 
Myself and Ash shimmied our way through the room to see a nail station set up. We were able to get our nails painted and have a little Cocoa Brown stamp too. 
As you can see from the photo, one nail has the Cocoa Brown logo on it. Talk about being a walking advertisement... Do I mind... NOPE! The nails were created by iNailz, and I'm so surprised I've never seen anything like this before. Basically they can print images onto nails... CRAZY! The actual colour is a very "me" shade, sort of neon-ish and very very pink (Charged Up Cherry by OPI). 
The party also had a table full of sweets, which was way too tempting for me to even consider avoiding it. Check out how pretty and pink it is, fair play to Sugar and Spices for setting it up.
After a couple of delicious cocktails, way too many sweets and new nails, myself and Ash went on our way. I had such a fantastic night and was glad to see some other blogger faces there! A huge happy birthday to Cocoa Brown and congratulations to all of the team. Marissa, Sarah, Aisling and Stephanie have achieved so much in one year, and hopefully 2014 will be another fantastic year for the company. I'm so glad to have been invited to the party and I will continue to support the company as much as I can. 

If you have been living under a rock, Cocoa Brown is available in most chemists, Penneys/ Primark stores, Superdrug, Tescos and Boots. So you have no excuse not to have a bottle... Or four!

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

How Now My Perfect Brows... featuring Soap and Glory "Arch de Triumph"

Hello lovely ladies!
Ok, so my love of eyebrows has grown significantly over the past year and a bit, and looking back at picture before I payed any attention to my eyebrows I just think WHY?! Now I'm not saying my eyebrows are fantastic or worthy of an award, but since I've actually started getting them tinted and waxed once a month I've noticed how much they frame my face (thank you Brown Cow and Lorraine for creating a brow addict!). 
So in between tints I have to fill them in with a pencil. Now here are my problems:
1)     Because I’m a natural red head I have fairer eyebrows and lashes’, meaning it’s difficult to find the right shade to suit my complexion.
2)     Due to over-plucking in my teens there are somewhat bald parts of my brows which even tinting won’t cover (said bald parts are at the bridge of my nose, the thickest part of my eyebrow).
I have been using a Rimmel eyebrow pencil for the past year and I have to say it has never let me down once. The odd time I’ll use my Benefit Brow-zing kit, if I want to really define my brows. Both work a treat!
A recent purchase I added to my daily routine was Soap and Glory’s “Arch de Triump” crayon. My best friend Niamh had been ranting and raving about this product for ages, but every time we went to check if Boots had it in stock, they never did. We both came to the conclusion that it had been discontinued, until one day Niamh spotted it on the shelves. I can only imagine to her it was like a beaming light that attracted her to the shelves, like Jesus’ resurrection. This product seemed to be like the holy grail, ridiculous hard to come by. There were two left on the shelves. So I sort of had to buy it, didn't I?! All in the name of blogging right?!
The packaging is exactly how you would imagine a Soap and Glory product to be, over the top, 1950’s- esque, pin up style! I’m always attracted to the packaging straight away. I love that on the back of the box it has a little users guide, the “How Now Perfect Brow”. I honestly have no clue what I paid for it, but the Boots website says it is €11.50, but I'm not 100% sure!
So, onto the product itself… I’m still not 100% sure. The brow shaper (dark side of the crayon) just doesn’t seem to work. I know it sounds crazy but it doesn't seem to fill my brows in. The highlighter on the other hand is AMAZING. Easy to use and is actually a pinky colour as opposed to a bright white. If they made just a highlighter version of the crayon I’d buy every single one.
So… has it made it into my make up bag? YES, but this is only because of the highlighter. I still use my Rimmel pencil for the filling in part of my routine. Would I buy it again? Probably not. For just a highlighter, it sort of seems like a waste, even though it is the best highlighter I have come across.
Have any of you tried “Arch de Triumph”? What are your opinions, I’d love to hear from you?!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Once upon a time.... featuring ModCloth

mod cloth fairy tale style board

Bonjour hunz,
At the beginning of the week I was contacted by Amy from ModCloth who invited me to take part in their "Uniquely You" campaign which involved putting together a wee style board through Polyvore! On Friday I was sent an image of a dress with which I was to style an outfit around... The dress is called When the Night Comes, is priced at $100 and is also available in a gorgeous emerald shade. When I seen the dress I thought it was really girly and for some reason I went with a sort of fairy tale styling (I was originally going to do the complete opposite and dress it down). 
I fell in love with this Steve Madden jacket and it reminded me of something from a fairy tale (...Little Red Riding Hood maybe). The jacket costs $135, but you would definitely get good use out of it. 
So what shoes would I pair with it... Wedges obviously... Now anyone that know me, knows I love sky scrapper heels, I just can't walk in them, so I usually opt for wedges (which I still can't walk in). These wedges are $45 which is a bargain to be honest... I have to stop myself from clicking the buy button. How fab would these look paired with some skinny jeans, a cute blazer and an over sized tote?!
OK on from the shoes and on to the bag... THE BAG!! Talk about fairy tale... I'm in love (this must be how Cinderella and Prince Charming felt!). It looks so delicate and girly and pink and pretty. It's $60, so a little bit more expensive than my usual Penneys handbag, but I will be ordering this soon and it will be mine!
Can we keep talking about the bag?! No?! You've heard enough?! Are you sure?! Ok, so jewellery. Honestly I wouldn't be going crazy with jewellery with this outfit. The necklace I chose is not only super cheap but I think it fits my fairy tale style perfectly and it can be another addition to my growing collection of statement necklaces. This is definitely going to be another purchase of mine after Christmas. 
The dress is something you could dress up or down, perfect for your Christmas party, a date night with himself or just chilling with the girls! ModCloth has some great dresses and loads of quirky accessories (from Shark shoes to school bus tote bags) head over and check them out (just don't order the bag, it's mine).  The total cost of this outfit (including shipping) is $408.17. The shipping is a bit steep to be honest but coming from the states I suppose what can you expect. Converted over to euros it costs just over €300, not bad if you take into account the amount you are buying.
Have any of you heard about ModCloth before? What do you think of their products?

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Haunted Spooktacular

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! 
So today's post is going to be about something completely different... It's about Halloween! If you're not heading out tonight I have a recommendation on something for you to do... Something that will scare the cr*p out of you! 
Last night I attended a the Haunted Spooktacular in Meath and it's my third year in a row that I've went, and it has never disappointed. It's definitely something to do in a group... Even if you don't like scary things I'd still recommend it. It has something to terrify everyone... From clowns to scarecrows to chainsaws to hillbilly's and with a little bit of exorcisms thrown in for good measure. Realistically if you have nothing planned for tonight and you don't fancy sitting in watching your Facebook newsfeed, and being jealous of lads and lassies dressed up as priests and nurses and slutty maids, get in the car (or your friends car) and head north (or south or east or west) to Meath!
So, what does it entail? An hour and a half queue if you don't fancy paying an extra €6 for fast entry (pay the extra €6, it's well worth it). Once you enter the attraction, you'll explore the land but be prepared for people to chase you with chainsaws and jump out from the darkness. The good part about this is you have to stop at points so you have time to calm down. Take into consideration that if you're claustrophobic or affected by strobe lights or loud music this isn't for you. Once you get through the woodlands you'll enter a house which has everything from exorcisms to mental asylums and little children asking you to play with them. Creepy is not the word! 
So how much is it? If you book before you head you can pay a standard rate of €16 or you can get the fast track tickets which are €22 or pay at the gate which will be €19 or €25, depending on your preference. 
And how do you get there? From Dublin take the M3 till exit 9 which is for Navan/ Delvin (you'll have to go through one toll), from there head in the direction of Athboy/ Delvin and then after 6miles you'll come to a T-junction (there will be a sign ahead of you pointing to Farmaphobia which is another scare attraction) turn right, after another 2.5 miles you will reach a small village called Fordstown and take a left after the Daybreak and it's straight down the road with free parking. If you're travelling from anywhere else head over to the website for directions.
The event runs from 7pm till 10pm and tonight is the final night! Step out of your comfort zone and just do it! Myself and my two besties proved we were just as strong as the lads we went with and completed the attraction with a few screams and tantrums (OK that was a lie there was a lot of panicky moments)
Have you ever headed to the Haunted Spooktacular? What did you think? Will you be heading along tonight?

**(Pictures obtained from the Spooktacular website, as cameras are not allowed within the attraction)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Good Things - Instant Dark Circles Concealer

Morning ladies,
I got sent out Good Things Instant Dark Circles Concealer before I went away on holidays. I've always used a natural collection concealer which I love, but since my obsession for the Good Things brand has begun to grow, I decided to change things up a bit. (Click here to see my previous Good Things post...)
Firstly, I think the packaging is really cute, and is presented the same as every other Good Things product. It's 15ml so is quite small, but the tiniest bit goes a long way. Originally when I first applied this product, I found it quite difficult to get out due to the metal roller-ball tip, but once I overcame this it was smooth sailing from here on out. 
This concealer, unlike many others, is a two-in-one product which not only covers dark circles but also depuffs the area. I sometimes find concealer can be really tough on your eye area and can sting quite a bit, but this has been tested to be extra gentle and is really lightweight!
So what are the ingredients that make it lightweight and help depuff the eye area? Raspberry,Lychee and Caffeine. The raspberry soothes the skin, the lychee supports the area around the eye due to the mineral potassium and the caffeine acts on the tiny blood capillaries within the skin to improve circulation and counteract puffiness around the eye area!
 So, does it conceal and hide puffy, dark circles? YES! Is it easy to use? YES! Is it an essential to my beauty bag? I don't know.... This was really a go to product on my holidays, mainly because it was super lightweight and hid my hideous dark circles from my friends! However, back at home it doesn't give me ENOUGH coverage... It's not great on blemishes and when I'm wearing a full face of make up it just doesn't sit right, I guess... 
Overall, I probably wouldn't rush to stores to purchase this again, but it definitely didn't put me off Good Things products. It smelt amazing (I never thought I'd say that about a concealer), was easy to use, is lightweight with natural ingredients and is reasonably well priced for what it does.
Have you ever used any Good Things products? Have you tried the Instant Dark Circles Concealer? What is your opinion on it?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ah we're on our holidays...

Morning ladies and happy October!
Apologies for the complete lack of posts as of recent! I've been busy getting the last few bits for my holidays, working loads and last week I was relaxing in the sun in Puerto Rico! I just wanted to share some details from my holiday with you....
We arrived at our hotel in Puerto Rico on Saturday night and after quickly unpacking we met by the poolside bar for a drink or two! (There was a bit of an issue on the plane which delayed us getting off... Some lady obviously couldn't last the 4 hour flight without sneaking to the toilet for a smoke... She seemed to get away with it and was also first off the plane... But sure she was on her holiday so it's acceptable, it's also acceptable to batter your 2year old grandchild too apparently... But enough of that). 
The next morning myself and Mick rose at about 9 to search out a supermarket and bakery (we'd been so excited about getting freshly made pastries for weeks!). Now this is probably where I should mention the steps... Almost 200 steps down to the commercial centre, which means 200 steps back up... NIGHTMARE, we done it twice and I think that was enough for us!
Some of the steps down to the commercial centre...
After the steps ordeal, we spent the majority of the day in the sun, and then caught the GAA final in a lovely Australian bar... COYBIB! We went for a meal later on and then had a few drinks by the pool later that evening.
Myself and Mick celebrating in an Australian bar!
The next day I woke early again (I'm not a morning person, but I couldn't sleep past half 9), we ended up spending the day in the commercial centre having a little wander and had a swim later on!
For the rest of the week it was mainly sunbathing, swimming and eating! 
On the Thursday evening we headed out quite early and returned to the apartment early enough to catch a magic show and reptile show after... We got to get in a picture with a giant albino python around us (which was fantastic), however I was more interested in getting a picture with the magicians dog!
The next day we went to a lovely little market about 20 mins away from us (something Mogan, but I was referring to it as Piers Morgan!). I picked up a few bits, including a lovely statement necklace and a giraffe mask thing for my wall! Nothing else really tickled my fancy apart from a lovely "Louis Vuitton" tote, which the seller was trying to sell for an extortionate price.... I can live without it!
Saturday came around and unfortunately this meant we had to pack up our stuff and get out. We managed to nab a late check out on one of the rooms, but of course this was the hottest day and I think we all wanted to jump in the pool. Our bus collected us for the airport just after 8 and we soon discovered our flight was delayed... Thankfully it wasn't too long, but it just meant getting home from Dublin airport would be a lot more difficult... Myself and Mick had been awake since before 8 so we were getting a bit cranky!
Overall I had a fantastic trip and I really wasn't happy about coming back! I have a few more posts planned for during the week, so hopefully I'll get the time to write them up...
Have any of you ever been to Puerto Rico? What do you think about the resort?

Sunday, 1 September 2013

September/ Holiday Wishlist

Hey guys,
So, in three weeks I'll probably be sitting on a sun lounger working on my tan.... but more than likely I'll be sat under a sun umbrella complaining about the heat. Yes, that's right ladies, I'm going on my summer holidays! Myself and Ash, from A Plus Size Pony Pal, are dragging our boyfriends to Puerto Rico (in Spain not Mexico). We've been planning this trip since June, and we finally booked it last week! We're both so excited to head off... and it worked out super cheap, all we have to do now is organise our spending money!
The apartments we'll be staying in...
So with this I wanted to put together a holiday wishlist, in the hopes someone might see this and decide to spoil me....

Holiday wishlist

The first thing I really want to pick up for my holidays is a pair of flatforms, I know these are horrible but for holidays they're perfect. I found a lovely pair on ASOS and they're only €49... however I also love these snake skin wedge flatforms (more wedge than flatform to be honest), but at almost €190 I just couldn't justify it.
ASOS | ASOS JUMP Leather Flatform Sandals at ASOS
ASOS Flatforms for €49
I absolutely love these shorts from Glamourous, and they only cost €30. I think they'd look fantastic with a dark tan, not saying I'll have that. These are definitely within my budget so I may purchase them before I go... but who knows.
Ok, so my style is so basic, I literally live in tank tops and cami's, but I love swing cami's like this one from Miss Selfridge (it's now sold out, but so many other high street stores sell these). Now, as much as I love this I just couldn't purchase it, mainly because Miss Selfridge's never take into consideration girls with boobs, and these are always really tight on me in that area...
....Sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses... now anyone that knows me knows how much I need sunglasses with me at all times, and this is due to my leaky eye....yes I said it, LEAKY EYE! Wind, sun, rain, and my eye will leak! I love these Ray-Bans, but at over €150 I think I'll stick to my cheap know off pair...right?! One day I'll splurge on a pair of these, and will then probably end up sitting on them and will probably never leave my house again.
Michael I right?! Wow!! I've have been lusting over a Michael Kors tote bag... and watch....for the past year and a half. I just really couldn't justify it, when I can get a knock off in Penney's for next to nothing. However, this is my holiday wishlist and if I could afford it, I would be strutting around Dublin airport with a tote on one arm and a flashy watch on the other.
The final thing that's on my wishlist is this boho style frindship cuff. It's $20 which is about €15 (?), but I think I'll wait till I get over there to purchase something like this, after all I could probably get 20 of these for the same price over there!
Have any of you got any holidays planned?! What would be on your wishlist?!

Monday, 19 August 2013

One of my favourite places...

Hey guys,
So today's post is not beauty related at all and more so to show one of my favourite place in Dublin! Dun Laoghaire is one of my favourite place to go in Dublin, especially for a relaxing walk with my boyfriend! One of the best days I've had this year was a bank holiday Monday spent down here with one of my best friends Niamh. We went for lunch along the sea front and it was so peaceful. 
Myself and Mick went for a stroll last night and it was so relaxing, even if we did get caught in a shower on the way back to the car. We usually walk along the pier and talk about the stupidest stuff... Like literally the most irrelevant things ever! We usually walk the East pier because its a little bit more friendly on the feet and its 1.3kms long, the West pier is slightly longer but doesn't have as many lights along it and its more gravelly!
Along the East pier there are lots of little exit points which lead to a slope down the water front. These are perfect for fishing.
At the end of the pier there's benches which look out onto the sea and you can see Howth perfectly, it never looks far away and I'm convinced that if there was no water it would only take a matter of minutes to walk between the two. 
If you are going to walk it, I'd suggest you bring an umbrella or something with a hood, as we all no how indecisive Irish weather is and there's no shelter from the rain. Also when u get to the end of the pier be prepared for wind! 
Have you ever walked Dun Laoghaire pier?! What do you think of what the tow has to offer?!
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Friday, 9 August 2013

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff

Hi ladies,
I got an early birthday present last week and it really couldn't have come at a better time. The present was Cocoa Browns new Tough Stuff and I was dying to give it a try. The previous week I was at my cousins wedding and on the Wednesday I got my spray tan done down in Carter Beauty (it of course came out fantastic). The one thing I hate about getting a spray done is when it all starts coming off, I always think my skin looks scaly or something. I stupidly didn't moisturise to help it come off more naturally so I was left with chunks of tan all over my body. My original plan was to just put tan over it for the Saturday night and hope for the best... But I was so thankful Tough Stuff arrived before I even started. 
So the product itself comes in a little sachet, that's of course pink. You can apply this mix either wet or dry (applying dry will give a deeper scrub). I opened the package and was pleasantly surprised that Cocoa Brown kept to their pink theme and the scrub itself was pink. It also smelt fantastic. Although the sachets look quite small I got a full body scrub out of it and had some left over. Now I actually hate scrubs because I always find they hurt too much and make my skin really dry but this was quite easy to rub in (my hands got a little sore the more I scrubbed, but I needed a good  scrub)! 
You know when you go to the beach and you arrive home with sand EVERYWHERE, and you jump into a shower to wash it off...that's what this feels like, which is something I actually love (it reminds me of holidays). Also a huge bonus about Tough Stuff was that it didn't make my shower really slippery like other scrubs do (whenever I use Ted Bakers body scrub I end up slipping when I'm getting out of the shower!). 
Before and After of my arm
Overall the product worked really well and made my skin so smooth, so much so that I actually told himself to feel how soft I was. It smells fantastic, looks super cute and is easy to use (absolutely no mess was made!). And best yet.... Cocoa Brown have kept to their low prices, Tough Stuff retails at €2.99. The one thing I would love though would be if this product was available in a tub because the scrub that was left in the sachet was thrown out because I don't like leaving products open for too long. Other than that I really couldn't fault the product. 
My legs are still swollen from bites and my cream didn't react well with the tan,
but tough stuff removed the majority of the blotchy tan.
Have any of you tried Tough Stuff yet? What did you think of the results?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Keeping Make Up Brushes Clean

Hi guys!
So today's post is about keeping make up brushes clean and bacteria free. This is something that actually scares terrifies me and I hate doing… so much so that I used to never do this until I realised I was having terrible breakouts when my brushes had been left too long. I remember the days when I first started using make up and applied foundation with my hands and eyeshadow was applied with the little brush that come in the eyeshadow set (and the only mascara i used was a clead one because blak mascaras gave me spider lashes). I eventually moved on to using sponges and later moved up in the world, and purchased my first foundation brush. I was the first of my friends to get one of these and I distinctly remember being at a sleepover when I was 16 and applying my make up the next day and the girls literally couldn't stop laughing at me, because it looked like I was painting my face… needless to say they ALL own a foundation brush and couldn't live without one now!
Ok so back to the daunting cleaning process. About 2 years ago, I became an inglot addict and went through a phase of getting my make up done before every night out (I obviously had a lot of disposable income).
Inglot Brush Cleanser €10
I was talking to one of the girls about keeping brushes clean and she recommended using their brush cleanser. It costs about €10 and would last you a good 6 months if not more. At this time I also purchased a new foundation brush as the one I had was becoming a bit worn and I was in need of a new one (even though I had only had it a few months). Now take in mind I apply foundation every day and this inglot brush has now last me 2 years...that's 730 days. I don't know if this is because it's a really good quality brush or if me cleaning it everytime it has been used has helped to maintain it… probably a bit of both.
My Inglot foundation brush
So everyday after I use my make up brushes I'll use this brush cleanser, especially on my eyeshadow brushes… the last thing you want is to be applying an eye shadow and the black shadow from last night ending up all over your face, not a good look. I'll admit I can be lazy sometimes and not bother, but when they have been cleaned applying make up is so much easier. I usually spray a little bit onto either a pad or a baby wipe and use this to clean the brush. I prefer using baby wipes to be honest as sometimes the pad tends to fall apart. 
Once a month I'll give my brushes a really deep clean by washing them all and leaving them to dry on my window sill. I usually use shampoo to get everything off them and then use conditioner to keep the brushes soft. I've been told that baby shampoo is the best for this but I have always used whatever shampoo is in the shower at the time. By actually cleaning my brushes once a month and using the Inglot cleanser my brushes are all in top notch quality… including my MAC set which I got for 19th birthday 4 years ago!

Majority of my brush don't look at old as they are...
...Until you look at the faded names on each of them.
How do you keep your make up brushes clean? Have you tried Inglots Brush Cleanser?
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Monday, 29 July 2013

Good Things - Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion

Hi guys!
The lovely Suzie over at Wizard Publicity recently sent me out a "sample" of Good Things Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion. Now I say "sample" because it was a full size bottle I received which I was delighted with! When I first received this I was really excited to use it and at first sniff it smelt so fresh... Really summery.
The brand Good Things was created by Alice Hart-Davis who designed the skin care range to make the most of young skin. Alice's philosophy is the young skin needs to be kept clean, exfoliated and hydrated. All of her products are free from mineral oils, parabens, sodium lareth and have not been tested on animals!
So the actual product it self… I've been using it for just under a month now and it's become a part of my daily beauty regime. It's a 2 in 1 cleanser and toner which helps to unclog pores without stripping your skin of natural oils. I've been using this morning and night and I've noticed my skin looks a lot brighter and areas which are prone to nasty blemishes and blackheads have been cleared significantly. Now it takes a lot for me to venture outside my house without a full face of make up, but after using this I feel a lot more confident flashing my natural skin tone!
And the best part it's quite cheap, €6.99 for a 200ml bottle. And the smallest bit goes a long way. AND there no need to wash it off, just apply with a cotton pad and let it dry!
I'm in love with this product and it'll definitely be a part of my everyday essentials and I'm going to try pick up a Good Things moisturiser. I'd highly recommend you to test it out!
Have you tried any Good Things products? What do you think about the brand?
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Wedding Time

Hi all!
I've become a terrible blogger and I'll admit that. I have some posts which have been in the works for a few weeks now but I promise they'll be up soon enough!
So, I'm literally in the door from Kerry (which is in the south west of Ireland) and I'm absolutely cream crackered! I was at my cousin Phils wedding, who's the first nephew in the family to get married. It was emotional at times but a great day was had by all. I drove down on Thursday which was actually great fun. We stopped off in Moneygall which is the "Ancestral Home of President Obama"... We had time to spare since my parents left a good 2 hours after us. We then stopped off for a bit of grub in Adare which is in Limerick. We finally arrived in Kerry and met the rest of the family. It's about a 3 and a half hour journey and I only got lost when I came into Killarney itself. 
On the way home was a different story though. I got lost coming out of Killarney and ended up driving through Cork, which added another 45mins onto the trip. We stopped off in Laois on the way home, which is a county I absolutely adore! 
I just wanted to share some pictures of the wedding and my trip that I took along the way. I have a lot more on my camera but laziness has taken over and I'm not bothered digging out my laptop!
Our stop off  in Moneygall
The groom and grooms men!
Guess which lady is my mammy!
The detail
My make-up for the day
I had such a fantastic few days away and it was great to spend some time with my family and have a laugh. 
Have you ever been to Kerry? If you haven't and you live in Ireland you need to get down there it's beautiful!
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Monday, 15 July 2013

Nip+Fab Dry Leg Fix

Apologies for disappearing for awhile but again I've been extremely hectic. So, one of the good things about working in convenience store is that sometimes the lads keep the samples off magazines for you! I'm one of few girls left in the store so I basically get first choice! This doesn't happen very often but when it does its fantastic.
So one of the freebies I got recently was Nip+Fab Dry Leg Fix and I already love Nip+Fab products. I'm going to admit something I'm quite ashamed of, I barely shave my legs or moisturise them or do anything really with them...mainly because they're hidden under a pair of tights or leggings! I don't get dry legs but sometimes the stubble gets a bit irritating and itchy. 
This product smells fantastic and it worked really well in stopping that irritating itch. And Nip+Fab products are usually quite cheap which is a huge bonus. I've been using this Dry Leg Fix for the past week and I actually feel more comfortable about getting my legs out more. They look more moisturised and feel a lot better. Overall it's a fantastic product and I'll defo be popping this on my beauty buy list!
What do you think of Nip+Fab products? Have you tried their Dry Leg Fix?

Friday, 5 July 2013

Budget Powder Brush

Hi all!
It's been such a hectic week for me, I've hardly had a chance to think! I'm working 5 days which is a bonus but trying to organise holidays and weddings and squeezing time in for himself and herself its fairly tough! I've some bad news, my first ever car made its last journey yesterday and I'm not going to lie but it was actually really sad (I know I'm such a loser)… Marty has literally been my escape route over the past three years!
But the good news is, I got a new(ish) car. I say newish because my sister actually got a new car and I took her old one, which came at the perfect time because I could feel Marty really struggling the past few weeks! 
So, this post isn't just about Marty the Micra, it's basically all about a new powder brush I picked up last week (I wanted to use it for bronzer though). 
I really needed a brush that I didn't mind destroying, but it needed to be a budget buy. I picked one up for €1.50 in Penneys/ Primark and I thought it was really cute and loved that it could just sit on my dresser…and its pink so would fit into my decor perfectly! I honestly didn't expect it to be perfect or the best make-up brush I have, but this kind of took the piss to be honest. It was fairly rough when I first felt it and when I used it I noticed there were pick strands everywhere! When I looked closely at the top of the brush I noticed that it was literally shedding… a ridiculous amount! I kind of thought it would be a once off so ran it over my hand a few times and sort of tried to remove the loose strands… it just kept shedding though.
I'm so glad I didn't pay any more than €1.50 for it though and I think I've learnt my lesson about buying cheap brushes. From now on I'll be picking up more expensive brushes, that will last longer than a few minutes!
Have you tried any of the Penneys/ Primark make-up brushes? What brushes would you recommend on a budget?
Dawn xXx

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Willow&Clo New Sound Wave Collection

Hello ladies!
As anyone that really knows me, knows that I have an obsession with jewellery. I love all types really, and I usually wear quite chunky accessories on nights out. However, for everyday wear I usually choose more delicate pieces. I am however very basic with these and wear the same pieces on a day-to-day basis. Most of my jewellery I wear everyday has a particular meaning to me, and these comprise of my Claddagh ring and my Thomas Sabo or Newbridge charm bracelet.
I was recently notified of the new Sound Wave collection from Willow&Clo and instantly fell in love. The whole concept behind these is that they are secret messages engraved on delicate and beautiful discs, so only you know what these sound waves mean...clever right?! I've compiled a small mood board of my favourite pieces from the collection, and to be honest it was difficult to choose only three. With these I've also included what each sound wave means.

Willow&Clo Mood Board

The first piece I choose was a delicate bracelet with a simple engraving saying "Strength", simple and cute. This is on sales for €99
The second piece from the collection which I loved was an open circle necklace which is engraved with the sound wave "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land amongst the Stars". I love that this was an open circle and sort of reminded me of a ring on a necklace. This retails for €125.
The final piece I selected was a double disc necklace, which is engraved with the sound wave "Carpe Diem" which means "seize the day". I've always loved this saying, and someone which I know has this tattooed down their side, which I think is pretty awesome. This piece retails for €149. Although these a quite expensive, they are definitely something which would mean a lot to someone and would always be held quite dearly.
This led me to think, if I could choose one sound wave to have engraved on a piece, what would it be?! After throwing out lots of ideas to himself, I eventually realised I would want a piece that is completely unique to me, yet would still relate back to most people. I chose one word... Perseverance. I originally thought choosing one word would be a bit silly, you know when people get those Chinese symbols tattooed onto them that mean hope, love, peace, strength and dancer (yes I know someone who has that tattoo) and I didn't want this, but when I chose this word I thought it was perfect. 
This all come from the fact that I was telling my boyfriend I want something to show that life is shit at times, but you have to keep pushing through all the shit to get to the rainbow...cheesy I know, but the past year has really shown me how persistence is so important within your life. There were so many times throughout this year that I could have just given up, and not put in 100% to everything I do, but I didn't. Perseverance and hard-work is why I am where I am today, and why I will be where I want to be in the future. Basically the entire meaning behind this is that you should never give up. Life will always throw you a few curve balls, but get back on your feet and deal with it. Perseverance is why I finished this year with the results I strived for, and that's why I chose this meaning. Some people may not fully understand my choice, but I have grown to love it. 
If you could choose one word or sentence to have engraved in sound waves what would you pick?! What do you think about the new collection from Willow&Clo?!