Monday, 19 August 2013

One of my favourite places...

Hey guys,
So today's post is not beauty related at all and more so to show one of my favourite place in Dublin! Dun Laoghaire is one of my favourite place to go in Dublin, especially for a relaxing walk with my boyfriend! One of the best days I've had this year was a bank holiday Monday spent down here with one of my best friends Niamh. We went for lunch along the sea front and it was so peaceful. 
Myself and Mick went for a stroll last night and it was so relaxing, even if we did get caught in a shower on the way back to the car. We usually walk along the pier and talk about the stupidest stuff... Like literally the most irrelevant things ever! We usually walk the East pier because its a little bit more friendly on the feet and its 1.3kms long, the West pier is slightly longer but doesn't have as many lights along it and its more gravelly!
Along the East pier there are lots of little exit points which lead to a slope down the water front. These are perfect for fishing.
At the end of the pier there's benches which look out onto the sea and you can see Howth perfectly, it never looks far away and I'm convinced that if there was no water it would only take a matter of minutes to walk between the two. 
If you are going to walk it, I'd suggest you bring an umbrella or something with a hood, as we all no how indecisive Irish weather is and there's no shelter from the rain. Also when u get to the end of the pier be prepared for wind! 
Have you ever walked Dun Laoghaire pier?! What do you think of what the tow has to offer?!
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