Thursday, 31 October 2013

Haunted Spooktacular

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! 
So today's post is going to be about something completely different... It's about Halloween! If you're not heading out tonight I have a recommendation on something for you to do... Something that will scare the cr*p out of you! 
Last night I attended a the Haunted Spooktacular in Meath and it's my third year in a row that I've went, and it has never disappointed. It's definitely something to do in a group... Even if you don't like scary things I'd still recommend it. It has something to terrify everyone... From clowns to scarecrows to chainsaws to hillbilly's and with a little bit of exorcisms thrown in for good measure. Realistically if you have nothing planned for tonight and you don't fancy sitting in watching your Facebook newsfeed, and being jealous of lads and lassies dressed up as priests and nurses and slutty maids, get in the car (or your friends car) and head north (or south or east or west) to Meath!
So, what does it entail? An hour and a half queue if you don't fancy paying an extra €6 for fast entry (pay the extra €6, it's well worth it). Once you enter the attraction, you'll explore the land but be prepared for people to chase you with chainsaws and jump out from the darkness. The good part about this is you have to stop at points so you have time to calm down. Take into consideration that if you're claustrophobic or affected by strobe lights or loud music this isn't for you. Once you get through the woodlands you'll enter a house which has everything from exorcisms to mental asylums and little children asking you to play with them. Creepy is not the word! 
So how much is it? If you book before you head you can pay a standard rate of €16 or you can get the fast track tickets which are €22 or pay at the gate which will be €19 or €25, depending on your preference. 
And how do you get there? From Dublin take the M3 till exit 9 which is for Navan/ Delvin (you'll have to go through one toll), from there head in the direction of Athboy/ Delvin and then after 6miles you'll come to a T-junction (there will be a sign ahead of you pointing to Farmaphobia which is another scare attraction) turn right, after another 2.5 miles you will reach a small village called Fordstown and take a left after the Daybreak and it's straight down the road with free parking. If you're travelling from anywhere else head over to the website for directions.
The event runs from 7pm till 10pm and tonight is the final night! Step out of your comfort zone and just do it! Myself and my two besties proved we were just as strong as the lads we went with and completed the attraction with a few screams and tantrums (OK that was a lie there was a lot of panicky moments)
Have you ever headed to the Haunted Spooktacular? What did you think? Will you be heading along tonight?

**(Pictures obtained from the Spooktacular website, as cameras are not allowed within the attraction)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Good Things - Instant Dark Circles Concealer

Morning ladies,
I got sent out Good Things Instant Dark Circles Concealer before I went away on holidays. I've always used a natural collection concealer which I love, but since my obsession for the Good Things brand has begun to grow, I decided to change things up a bit. (Click here to see my previous Good Things post...)
Firstly, I think the packaging is really cute, and is presented the same as every other Good Things product. It's 15ml so is quite small, but the tiniest bit goes a long way. Originally when I first applied this product, I found it quite difficult to get out due to the metal roller-ball tip, but once I overcame this it was smooth sailing from here on out. 
This concealer, unlike many others, is a two-in-one product which not only covers dark circles but also depuffs the area. I sometimes find concealer can be really tough on your eye area and can sting quite a bit, but this has been tested to be extra gentle and is really lightweight!
So what are the ingredients that make it lightweight and help depuff the eye area? Raspberry,Lychee and Caffeine. The raspberry soothes the skin, the lychee supports the area around the eye due to the mineral potassium and the caffeine acts on the tiny blood capillaries within the skin to improve circulation and counteract puffiness around the eye area!
 So, does it conceal and hide puffy, dark circles? YES! Is it easy to use? YES! Is it an essential to my beauty bag? I don't know.... This was really a go to product on my holidays, mainly because it was super lightweight and hid my hideous dark circles from my friends! However, back at home it doesn't give me ENOUGH coverage... It's not great on blemishes and when I'm wearing a full face of make up it just doesn't sit right, I guess... 
Overall, I probably wouldn't rush to stores to purchase this again, but it definitely didn't put me off Good Things products. It smelt amazing (I never thought I'd say that about a concealer), was easy to use, is lightweight with natural ingredients and is reasonably well priced for what it does.
Have you ever used any Good Things products? Have you tried the Instant Dark Circles Concealer? What is your opinion on it?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ah we're on our holidays...

Morning ladies and happy October!
Apologies for the complete lack of posts as of recent! I've been busy getting the last few bits for my holidays, working loads and last week I was relaxing in the sun in Puerto Rico! I just wanted to share some details from my holiday with you....
We arrived at our hotel in Puerto Rico on Saturday night and after quickly unpacking we met by the poolside bar for a drink or two! (There was a bit of an issue on the plane which delayed us getting off... Some lady obviously couldn't last the 4 hour flight without sneaking to the toilet for a smoke... She seemed to get away with it and was also first off the plane... But sure she was on her holiday so it's acceptable, it's also acceptable to batter your 2year old grandchild too apparently... But enough of that). 
The next morning myself and Mick rose at about 9 to search out a supermarket and bakery (we'd been so excited about getting freshly made pastries for weeks!). Now this is probably where I should mention the steps... Almost 200 steps down to the commercial centre, which means 200 steps back up... NIGHTMARE, we done it twice and I think that was enough for us!
Some of the steps down to the commercial centre...
After the steps ordeal, we spent the majority of the day in the sun, and then caught the GAA final in a lovely Australian bar... COYBIB! We went for a meal later on and then had a few drinks by the pool later that evening.
Myself and Mick celebrating in an Australian bar!
The next day I woke early again (I'm not a morning person, but I couldn't sleep past half 9), we ended up spending the day in the commercial centre having a little wander and had a swim later on!
For the rest of the week it was mainly sunbathing, swimming and eating! 
On the Thursday evening we headed out quite early and returned to the apartment early enough to catch a magic show and reptile show after... We got to get in a picture with a giant albino python around us (which was fantastic), however I was more interested in getting a picture with the magicians dog!
The next day we went to a lovely little market about 20 mins away from us (something Mogan, but I was referring to it as Piers Morgan!). I picked up a few bits, including a lovely statement necklace and a giraffe mask thing for my wall! Nothing else really tickled my fancy apart from a lovely "Louis Vuitton" tote, which the seller was trying to sell for an extortionate price.... I can live without it!
Saturday came around and unfortunately this meant we had to pack up our stuff and get out. We managed to nab a late check out on one of the rooms, but of course this was the hottest day and I think we all wanted to jump in the pool. Our bus collected us for the airport just after 8 and we soon discovered our flight was delayed... Thankfully it wasn't too long, but it just meant getting home from Dublin airport would be a lot more difficult... Myself and Mick had been awake since before 8 so we were getting a bit cranky!
Overall I had a fantastic trip and I really wasn't happy about coming back! I have a few more posts planned for during the week, so hopefully I'll get the time to write them up...
Have any of you ever been to Puerto Rico? What do you think about the resort?