Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thursdays Outfit of the Day

Hello ladies,
Firstly I'm so sorry I haven't been updating this as much as I would like to. I am literally being suffocated from such a heavy workload. A lot has been happening in my life, particularly in the past two weeks. I suppose the main thing that happened last week that prevented me from posting was the my friend Meghan came back from England! I haven't seen her in about 2 months so any free chance to meet up with her and see her, I did! The second bit of news is that I started my thesis....It's due in 68 days, which is less than 10 weeks! Now your probably thinking I left it a bit late to start my thesis, and I suppose I did, but I have all of my readings done, it's just putting pen to paper...but I did it! And I'm 1,380 words in! 
Literally everywhere I turn in my room there's a book or journal article

I just wanted to share with you my outfit for today. I received my first ever order from asos yesterday (asos virgin) and I'm so annoyed I never bought anything before. They are amazing! I got my order in less than a week, it's free delivery and they do student discount. I bought a boyfriend tee because I love that whole baggy look at the moment. It's a size 14 because I didn't want to risk it being too small on me but I probably could have bought the 10 its that big! But I do love it, mainly because it's so comfy and long that I can literally throw on a pair of leggings and I'm good to go! 
Thursday Outfit of the Day 
I also bought a Barry M nail polish (which I will do a review on soon) and a Yes to Carrot lip butter. 
Oh another thing I had to share with you is my amazing new necklace from Topshop. There was only one left in House of Fraser so I'm not sure whether it was old stock or what, but either way I love it. It was €24 and then with student discount it came to about €21.50. That's a lot for me to spend on a necklace but I had to have it I guess! 
What do you think of asos? Are you as fond as I am now? I'd love to hear your opinions!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Barry M "Lash Vegas"

Hello Girlies!
It's absolutely horrible outside, so I suppose it's a good thing that I'm stuck in work until 5! I was of course almost an hour late for work, waking up and hearing rain does not encourage you to get out of bed and without my trustful mammy to pull the covers off me it's even more difficult...but the good news is she'll be home tonight! I'm just a little bit excited to see her!
So, the other day I was on Grafton Street looking for Race Day dresses, but of course no joy! On the way back to my car I decided I'd stop off in boots for an impulse buy... something to cheer me up after my horrible day!

I ended up picking up Barry M's latest mascara Lash Vegas. It was €9.75, so was a little bit more expensive than my usual mascara but I decided I had to try it after all of the hype that had been built up around it. It was so worth it though! The shape of the mascara is different than most and I love the design of it (I find it easier to hold). I have extremely sensitive eyes, and can only use certain mascaras, so I was afraid this mascara would make my eyes itchy. It didn't, it applied really well and I only needed about two sweeps to get the lashes I was after. Because I'm naturally quite fair, my lashes need a good mascara, otherwise my eyes look tiny.
I would highly recommend this girls, a must have for any make up bag (or box in my case). Although it's a little bit more expensive, compared to brands like Lancome and MAC it's dirt cheap....and it does the exact same job!
On a final note, I'm sad (and glad) to say bye bye Mabelline Great Lash have been replaced! You've done me well over the past 6 years, but it's time for change!

Thanks for reading girls! Have you tried Barry M's Lash Vegas yet? What's your verdict? Yay or Nay?!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bee Lovely Hand Cream - Neal's Yard Remedies

I haven't really had the chance to post in awhile and this is mainly because I have literally been so busy with college and the likes. There has been so much happening in my life, it would actually be so difficult to even explain. Let's just say I got to the point last week were I would just cry over anything....and I mean anything!
So, I recently got a new hand cream and had to do a review on it. My hands are always cold and dry, and they've also started to swell a lot at my joint recently, so I constantly need to apply hand cream. I'd never heard about Neal's Yard Remedies before but I absolutely loved the fact that it is organic. It's also such a cute little bottle and perfect for any handbag. I've been using this for almost a week now and at first I didn't like it, but after continual use, it has just kept growing and growing on me, and my hands feel so amazingly soft. I recently read an article about how good honey is for you, and the main ingredient in this hand cream is honey! It also contains "energizing orange essential oil" which is the main scent you can get from this hand cream. When I originally applied it I thought it was overly greasy, but after using it more than once I realised that yes it is greasy upon first application (like all hand creams), but it dries in so quickly and doesn't have that sticky effect (which most hand creams have).
I will definitely be buying this once it runs out, and although it's a little bit pricey for a hand cream, it's so worth it! Have you tried the Bee Lovely Hand Cream yet? Or any other Neal's Yard Remedies Products?

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Maybelline Color Show Update

Ok so a quick update, I recently done a blog post on my mini Boots haul and mentioned that I bought three Maybelline Color Show nail polishes. I originally said that I was disappointed in these but now... Well now I've changed my mind. It must have been the other shade I had been using but I used the cool blue shade and I love it. Now saying that, I just love the colour. Everything else still stands, but the colour it just POPS!! It has chipped after about 11 hours and it was watery to apply but then again it was cheap enough. So I suppose I can't reeeeeeally complain.
Thanks for reading
Dawn xXx

I'm terrible at painting my nails and always correct them after, so ignore the nail polish all over my hands!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Liebster Award (x2)

I've been nominated for like three Liebster Awards and I'm so happy about this! The original one I done can be found here. These type of awards are amazing for up and coming bloggers wanting to get their name out there and to achieve more followers! It's also a great way to get bloggers to start interacting with each other.
My most recent nomination came from Lauren at I'm Unicornasaurus.
I've already done the Liebster Award, so said that instead of doing the entire thing again I would just answer Lauren's questions.

So here it goes...

1. What is your life time ambition?
I suppose this question is quite relevant with me now because I'm in my final year of college. I guess the dream is to own my own store or beauty salon. My degree is in retail and services, but after five years in college I think I've realised I should have gone with my gut, and done a beauty course. Now saying that, I'm so glad I've done the course I've done, because I have gained so much knowledge from it and I'm never to old to do a beauty course anyway! So probably open my own business I guess!
2. If you were on a desert island and could only have 1 item, what would it be?
This is tough only bringing one item. It would probably be sun cream. I know it sounds so stupid and "mammy like" but I burn really bad in the sun, and that's the last thing you want!
3. Most used beauty product?
Nail polish or foundation. I paint my nails about 3 times a week because I get very bored otherwise, and foundation because I literally wear it EVERYDAY!
4. Favourite item of clothing?
I guess I don't really have a favourite item of clothing because they all get destroyed so easily. If I had to pick one thing it would be my shorts from River Island. I think I over-wear them at this point, but I actually love the shape of them and how they can be dressed down or up!
5. Why did you start a blog?
I answered this one in my other blog post, but it was basically because I lost out on a job because I had no knowledge of blogs really. I have such a huge interest in fashion and beauty, and I really want to portray that through my blog!
6. What is your favourite memory?
Just one?! I have so many. It would probably be lying on my dad when I was about 5 or 6 watching the Crystal Maze. I used to love that show when I was younger (and still do) and it's just such a vivid memory that I have and always will have! Another memory would probably have been from Saturday mornings when I was about 7 running into my sisters room at 6 in the morning to watch TV with her, because she was old enough to have a TV in her room! I remember watching everything from Teenage Mutant Turtles, Rugrats, Hey Arnold and Art Attack! 
7. If you could be another person for a day, who would you be?
EASY....Emma Stone's best friend! I think Emma Stone is so amazing and would love to be able to see what she's actually like.
8. Last food you ate?
This is going to sound terrible considering it's not even 11 am yet, but it was a creme egg... So bad I know but I didn't have time for breakfast and it was in my bag from last night! Ooops...
9. Favourite movie
Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Seven Year Itch, The Notebook or Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist...Such chick flicks!
10. What superpower would you choose if you could?
Myself and Ash we talking about this the other day and it's such a tough one. If you're taking them from that TV show heroes then I'd want Sylar's powers, where he can mimic other superheroes powers. I know that the whole thing was that he was like the "bad guy", but come on imagine being able to have everyone's powers by just touching them (I also know that he ate their brains to get their powers, but the TV show didn't really show that side of it)! HOWEVER, if I was the only one with a superpower, it would have to be time travel...
11. What's your favourite month of the year?
August because my birthday falls in that month. Or else June because in Ireland around the first and second week into June it gets really warm, it's like Leaving Certificate temperatures! There was a full on heat wave when I was doing my leaving, up until the day I finished, that's probably why I done so bad, because I ended up at the 40ft most days after my exams....Another ooops moment!

Thank you for reading 
Dawn xXx 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

Ok, so my kind of third wishlist in the past month...I swear I'm not trying to drop any subtle hints *cough, cough*!

1.I'm going to try to keep this one as short as possible, to avoid disappointing myself. The first item I want/ need is the gorgeous Palms Belted Playsuit from Lashes of London. It's something you could dress down or up! I love the print and the tie bit around the cleavage. I think it's so pretty and cute! And best's reduced to €18.62. It's payday tomorrow so this may be my first investment.
2.The next thing on my wishlist is this Geek Onesie from AX Paris. I know it's no longer winter, but as I'm sitting here typing this I am so cold *brrrrrr*! I need this and would probably live in it for the next few months...It's  €35 and if you're a student you get 10% off. Personally I think you can never go wrong with a's pretty much winter all year around in Ireland!
3.The next thing on my wishlist is a pair of Navy Disco Leggings from AX Paris. When I first seen people wearing disco leggings I was so unsure, but they've grown on me so quickly and after watching Geordie Shore last night and seeing Charlotte in a similar pair, I was like I need those! And they're only €13.99, that's crazy cheap! I'd pair these with a crop top or an oversized jumper for comfort.
4. I've got two weddings this summer so I want to get a dress that's suitable for both. After looking on the Forever Unique website I came across about 20 different dresses I wanted, and then narrowed this down to 3. The Precious dress in nude is probably my favourite. It's a prom style dress, embellished in jewels and I think it's so pretty and girly! It's expensive, but it's for a special occasion and I'll be wearing it more than once... 
Again I've had to stop myself from looking any poor bank account! 
Thank you so much for reading my posts and following me

In Love With Fashion Wish List

Hey guys...
So I haven't really been posting a lot in the past while and this is mainly because I have been so flat out with college work. This week I have three assignments due on three separate, days, so I've been under a lot of pressure. The good news is I have two done at this present moment in time and I have to start one tomorrow, but sure it's only tax and that's a fairly unimportant subject...who really needs it right!
Any way I recently signed up to the e-tailPR blogger network and this is basically a site and blog where if you're a blogger and you have a huge interest in anything really they could ask you to guest blog for them. This is a huge opportunity for new bloggers. Their blog can be found here and I would definitely recommend you check them out. They run lots of competitions with really well known brands and one of the more recent competitions I have heard about was the chance to win £200 to spend at In Love With Fashion. Of course me being a student, I have jumped at this idea. I'm not going to lie, but I hadn't heard about this site before, and after looking at it I was shocked to see I had never been informed about it. Doing a retail degree in college, I have learnt about how hard it is for start up companies to get their name out there and specifically to their target market. The company started out as a concession within Topshop (which I vaguely remember from the days my account was in the plus) and they ventured online in 2009. Online shopping has obviously become such a huge thing across the world and there's no longer no reason why your not fashion forward and this company seems to be just that. Consumers have the world (literally) at their finger tips and I'm actually so glad I stumbled across this site. Well enough of my rambling...
The competition asked for bloggers to create a "wish list" style collage of your favourite pieces from the website and boy did I find some pieces that I would love...

1.The first thing that I found was the gorgeous black bag with a gold chain (€38.22). I recently realised that I don't have a bag for nights out anymore that isn't over-sized or too small. I tend to always bring flats with me and shoving these into a clutch never works and bringing an over-sized bag is just too big (I once knocked down a table of drinks due to the size of my bag). This bag looks like the perfect size AND it has a strap that I can hang over my shoulder. Not only would it be perfect for nights out, it would also be amazing for everyday uses.
2.I'm planning on going to the Student Day Races in Leapordstown over the next few weeks and I'm on the lookout for a nice new dress and I spotted a perfect one on In Love With Fashion. It's the Love Black and White Spot Cut Out Dress. I fell in love when I seen it, it's not to "dressy up" but it's also not casual. And it's only €40.77, which isn't bad considering what I thought I would have to spend. I love the monochrome look and cut out sides (but it's not baring too much) and it has sleeves...anyone that lives in Ireland will know how unpredictable our weather is.
3.I have a huge thing with shoes, and shoes which also contain studs I have to own, so I of course fell in love with the ILWF Black Lace Studded Platform Boots. They are amazing, I honestly think I am in love with them! They're €61.16 but I would wear these to death and I was just thinking I need a nice new pair of black boots that I could wear with anything on a night out.
4.The final thing I came across (before I stopped myself looking, otherwise I would end up purchasing everything) was this LOVE Cobalt Long Sleeve Wrap Playsuit. I haven't bought a playsuit in about two years and this is due to the fact that I haven't seen anything that really sticks out to me, but this, well this I think is AMAZING. Words can not describe...the colour, the cut, the everything. I love wearing blue because I always think it tends to suit my skin tone really well and I doubt that this shade would be any different. It's €40.77 and it is definitely going to be purchased very, very soon... even if I won't be able to wear it until June!
That's basically my wish list for this site...and as I said I had to stop myself before I ended up spending my life savings. This site is definitely a new favourite for me and whats even better is that they give 15% student discount AND free standard worldwide shipping for a limited time... Check the site out, I'm sure they won't disappoint..
Thanks for reading and following me!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Boots Mini Haul

Being a student means that I'm broke all the time..but I always manage to pick something up in Boots. I went out last Saturday for a 21st...I know a 21st, it's so daunting (I feel so old)! So, I ended up picking up a few bit in Boots on my most recent trip, and these were basically all essentials that I needed for this 21st. Boots always have amazing deals on  and I always end up picking up something.

So the first thing that I bought was tan. I've been really cheap lately and using the Penneys St. Moriz tan, which is great and all, but it can also be quite dodgy at times too. I bought Garnier's Ambre Solaire tan, which I don't ever remember using. It kind of reminds me of the L'Oreal Sublime tan, but not as good. Now saying that, it was a fantastic tan, went on well and I didn't come out all streaky (I've been applying tan since I was about 13 and at this stage I should be a professional  but no, I always manage to miss a huge part of me and end up looking ridiculous). I did miss one part, but it was on the top of my leg so it wasn't too bad. It's a bit sticky and smells horrible, but the overall result I was so happy with. I would definitely recommend it to others.
Garnier Ambre Solaire Tan - €14.99 (Boots)
The next product I bought was lashes. I am a fiend for lashes, I love them! I only started wearing them about a year and a half ago but I definitely couldn't go on a night out without them. I went through a phase of buying the Eylure Naturalites Double False Lashes, but at almost €13 a pop I really couldn't afford them. Just after Christmas I bought the Kiss Haute Couture Lashes and they're just as good, if not better than the Eylure ones. And they're also a lot cheaper (€7.99). The come with a little pink applicator thing, which is no use, stick to the tweezers girls, but it's still a really good idea! You can kind of see what they look like on below! Again, I would recommend these to anyone!
Kiss Haute Couture Lashes - €7.99 (Boots)
Maybelline Color Show - Solar Flare
So, on Saturday I had an outfit planned in my head, and I always do this. All I needed to complete the outfit was orange nail polish (I know orange is such a strange colour but that's the theme I was going for). I'm not too sure whether Maybelline's Color Show nail polishes are new or not, but I ended up picking up three. This was mainly because boots had on offer on, 3 for the price of 2. And at less than €5 each I couldn't say no. I bought two orange shades and a blue. I wore the metalic orange shade on my night out and to be honest, I really wasn't impressed with them. This could be because I didn't like the shade and it kind of looked watered down. I'll have to try the other two colours before I make my final judgement, but I realistically probably won't buy it again. But sure you learn from mistakes right?! The three shades I purchased were (l-r) orange attack, cool blue and solar flare, solar flare being the one I wore out!
Maybelline Color Show - €4.49 each (Boots)
The final thing I bought was an eyebrow pencil. I've been in desperate need of one for the past while and I finally got around to buying one. It's Rimmel so I automatically love it and it is probably the best eyebrow pencil I have ever bought. It goes on really well and it's easy to get a nice shape from it. The shade is 001 Dark Brown and it's actually a really natural shade. It's very reasonably priced as well at €5.49! If I had to buy one thing again it would definitely be this eyebrow pencil!
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - €5.49 (Boots)
So that was my mini haul! I didn't get too much considering what I could have spent. Oh and a quick update on my Mothers Day post, my mam loved her gifts! She was delighted with them and really wasn't expecting it. At least I know they'll be put to good use and most of the stuff is already in her suitcase, which is always a good sign!
Thanks again for reading, following and giving me feedback...

Friday, 8 March 2013

Mother's Day Purchases

As most people close to me know that me and my mam fight like cats and dogs. The reason behind this is because we're both so alike and our personalities clash, and this has always been the case. 
I am always spoiled on my birthday and Christmas, and I obviously know it's my mam behind all of the purchases. So, this Mother's Day I wanted to spoil my mam, mainly because she deserves it. There's always some form of competition between what me and my sister get, and I think this year I've won! 
This is what I'll be giving my mam this Sunday: 
I'd say in total I spent just under €75 and that includes a card. The box I had from before, but realistically if I didn't have it I would have I would have either bought one or wrapped an old shoe box! This wasn't my own idea, I actually got it from another blog, Laura's Fashion Fix. It was such a good idea I had to do my own. I know people will probably think €75 is a lot to spend, but realistically I would have spent that on something she didn't want or need. I still have to put some sort of cellophane around it to make it look presentable (I am such a neat freak that I won't give this to my mam until it looks perfect).
I got my mam 10 Macaroon bars from a local Centra. She loves these and for awhile the only place that sold them was Avoca. These cost me €3.90.
I decided to go up to Liffey Valley to get some little pieces for my mam, mainly because they have such a big Boots store. I ended up buying my mam this Soap and Glory Getaway gift set, Soap and Glory Foot Cream, L'Oreal Gradual Tan, Extracts Body Butter and a Rimmel nail polish. The total cost of this was €38, which was fine.
I also got my mam some No.7 products. As much as I love this range, I hate their actual make up. It's so over priced and really not worth it. The only reason I stopped at this little concession thing in Boots was because I had a voucher for them and they were giving away a free make up bag. They had a deal on that you could get 3 for the price of 2 on any of the skin care range. I ended up buying a moisturiser, after sun and an after sun for your face (I should probably mention that my mam and dad are going away next week, that's why I bought her after sun). The total cost of this should have been about €36.20 but I got the cheapest item free and then I also got €6.50 off the total! Unfortunately  the make up bag was only free if you bought two items from the make up range and we all know my feelings on their make up!
The final stop in Liffey Valley was Dunnes Stores. I went in looking for a woven basket to put everything into and ended up buying three mini candles and a card! The candles only cost me €5 and the card was €4. The candles smell amazing and would fit in really well to my mams dressing room.

The final thing I bought my mam was chocolates! You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates for your mammy! (***Note to any future children I might have that could possibly stumble across this blog, do not buy me chocolates, I can't eat half of them and the majority of them are rank!)
That's basically everything that I got my mam and I really hope she likes them! 
Thanks for reading
Dawn xXx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Happy Birthday Kaden

Just a quick update of my day. The start of the day is fairly unimportant...I was in work from 1 till 5! My job is fairly handy that I can come and go when I please really. I can also wear quite casual clothes and my boss knows that I'm usually coming straight from college. 

So, the whole point of this post is that I wanted to inform you all of Kaden's first birthday! Kaden is my boyfriends nephew and he is the cutest little monster ever. I love kids, but Kaden has made me realise that I need to be a lot older before I have any (and I mean a lot older!). I'm terrified he'll start crying around me and I won't know what to do. So, for his first birthday Nicola (Micks sister) went all out. She got a Hungry Henry cake and had a little birthday party for him. I missed the actual party because I was in work, but I got to see the birthday boy for split second before he went to bed. He was a little bit grumpy because he had such a hectic day and I was told he wasn't to fond of his birthday cake and the fuss placed around it... apparently crowds of people and loud noises make babies cry! Kaden also got to go to the zoo today as well, and I was told he wasn't too interested in the lions but the goats appealed to him more (I completely understand where he's coming from). Because I'm broke I couldn't get him a present but he seems to have toys and gifts coming from every angle. 

I basically ended up having a bit too much cake (it was amazing) and then myself and Mick ended up going for a little drive to Dun Laoighre. We ended up walking the pier and having a quick catch up. We've both been so hectic, we don't get much time with just each other, so it was nice for that one to one time. I guess the pier has a lot of memories for us as a couple, as we had our first "sober" kiss there and he asked me to be his girlfriend as well. We also always end up talking about the future when we walk it.
My outfit for today was quite casual. After work I ended up changing in something super comfy and I really wasn't bothered making an effort!
I love my dork t-shirt that my boyfriend bought for me. It's really baggy to wear, so it's sort of like being dressed up while lounging! My leggings are from Boohoo and are super comfy. Something I find about Boohoo is that they don't take height into consideration, so I found that these are sort of like ankle bashers (you know, expecting floods trousers!). I got my Uggs two years ago and I think they need to be replaced sometime soon, they seem to be falling apart, but they've been worn a lot! I wore two string tops under my Dork t-shirt and I always wear vests under tops (just a comfort thing I guess at this point). Both tops are from Penneys and were dirt cheap.
Thanks for reading...

Monday, 4 March 2013

Ladies Night

So, two Saturdays ago I met up with two of the girl. The usual, quick catch up, tea and biscuits! We were originally planning on going for a walk, but it started snowing and we all decided we just weren't brave enough to venture into the wild weather! Well, tea basically ended up in us going up to Liffey Valley, even though we had all said we had no money. And as girls do, we ended up buying at least one thing before we left. I bought a really cute monochrome skirt from New Look and I love it. It's sort of high-waisted with a skater shape, so it's quite flattering. It could also be dressed up or down. 

Unfortunately (for our bank accounts), one of the girls mentioned that we should all go out. I had work the next morning (at 7am), so this was a huge no go for me, but as the girls kept talking about it more and I started convincing myself that I had to go, and I could get a shift cover. So the phone calls and texts began, and I eventually convinced someone to cover 7-10 and I would work the rest of the shift. We ended up sticking local, as we literally had no money! It was such a good night and we all had so much fun! 
I didn't end up wearing the new skater skirt and instead opted for the old reliable's! So this is the outfit I ended up wearing out...

Crop Top - New Look (€9.99)
Denim Shorts - River Island (€35)
Scarf - Penneys (Around €4)
Tights - Penneys (€3)
Tan Shoes - Korkys (€39.99)
Cross Necklace - New Look (€4.99)

We're all ready to go!
Obviously for night's out, your make up should be a bit darker. I wore my new Rimmel Match  Perfection  foundation (which I have to do a review on), Revlon's eye-shadow quad, lashes from Kiss and Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick!
My hair is so thick that there was no way I could wash and dry it before we went out. That excuse "I'm washing my hair" is a completely valid excuse for me! I ended up putting dry shampoo in my hair, then curling the ends and sweeping my fringe to the side. So simple and easy to do!
Make up for the night
Thank you for reading my blog!
Dawn xXx

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Barry M Pastel Nail Colours

Ignore my p.j. bottoms...They're not very fashionable!

I adore this shade :)
As many people know I have an obsession with nail  polishes, and I'm currently thinking about investing in a nail rack! Well I recently thought to myself that I just didn't have enough nail polishes and that I needed at least two more...can you sense my sarcasm?! The story actually went like this, I went down to boots for deodorant and ended up wandering over to the make up section and before I knew it I had two nail polishes, eyeliner, pressed powder and a bronzer in my hand....and no deodorant! So typical for me...I can't leave without buying something, I guess. So the two nail polishes are Barry M and both are kind of spring shades. I absolutely love the both of them. As usual it takes two coats to really make an impact. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to get the other bottle to take a picture but I will! The current shade I'm wearing is number 304 Mint Green and I love the colour. It's so fresh compared to my usual blacks and browns and deep colours, and it's definitely making me feel more summery!! 
The other shade is number 310 Mushroom and it's a kind of light brown. It's more of a classy shade that can be worn to work or meetings, but is also on that kind-of summery trend! 
I absolutely love these shades and I'll probably be switching them up a lot over the next few weeks...or months even. Barry M currently have lots of pastel shades, which are going to be a huge trend this S/ S! I'll realistically buy some more shades from this collection, so watch this space!
What do you think of pastel shades? Yay or Nay?!
No. 304 Mint Green
Dawn xXx

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Liebster Award

I would like to thank Jodie Marie from What Would Audrey Wear for nominating me for a Liebster Award. I honestly had no idea what this was until I read her blog (click here to find out more). It's basically a way of getting more followers to your blog and is specifically for people with under 200 followers! I've only been writing this blog for a little bit over a month and I have 12 followers which I am delighted with. And I'd like to thank each of my followers for following me, and I will follow you back #follow4follow! 
So the Liebster Award involves giving 11 random facts about yourself, answering 11 questions which are given by the blogger who nominated you, and then nominating another 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) and giving them 11 new questions! So the cycle continues...

Ok so here it goes... 

11 Random Facts About Me...

  1. I've known one of my best friends for over 20 years
  2. I'm afraid of getting old
  3. I have a million teddies, but don't want to throw any of them out because they hold too many memories
  4. I love Eeyore
  5. Penguins make me laugh (it's there walk)
  6. I'm really a bebo stunner (I used to be DP pics for modelling pages...Embarrassing I know)
  7. Last year, between April and September, I worked 7 days a week, each week
  8. I've never eaten tuna, and never will
  9. When I was younger, I ate a snickers and it made me violently ill (projectile vomit type stuff) and ever since then I won't eat nuts...Until last year where I discovered they make my tongue itchy and swell...not good
  10. I think I can dance...I can't
  11. I've never seen Finding Nemo or the Breakfast Club
I have a full list of 100 facts about me, if you want to read more...

My 11 Questions...

1. Why you began blogging
That's kind of a tough one...I guess it was because I had an interview last  year with LA Make Up Academy and I lost out on a job because I had no real knowledge of blogs. It was somewhere I would have loved to work, so after this I began reading more and more blogs and eventually decided to start my own. And a year later here I am. The real push was my best friend setting up hers...and I just kind of though "Hey, I can do this too"
2. Favourite thing you've worn
I'm going to answer this one a little differently than expected as I have no real favourite item of clothing, as they're all my favourite! So, my favourite thing I've worn and still wear everyday is my Claddagh ring. I got this off a friend over two years ago and it's something I couldn't stand to loose. It went missing for about half a day and I paniked! I guess it just means a lot to me and there are a lot of memories based around it!
3. 3 goals you want to achieve this year
#1. Pass all my exams with at least a 2.1
#2. Get healthier and try quit smoking
#3. Get a good job
4 Favourite Disney character
Now this one is easy...The Little Mermaid, mainly because she had rad hair, and I have red hair. When I was younger, having red hair was a weird thing (even though I'm from Ireland, I was the only girl in my class with red hair), and it still is a kind of weird thing! I used to watch the little mermaid everyday, until my tape got jammed in the VCR and I never replaced it. I also used to pretend I was a mermaid every time I would go swimming and my sister would pretend to be Sebastian, Flounder or a shark! We done this up until I was 14....
5. Best thing that's ever happened to you
I guess there's no one greatest thing that's ever happened to me...I love my life now as it is and I think everything happens for a reason. But if I had to pick one chapter in my life so far it would probably be meeting the five amazing ladies I call my best friends (Ash, Niamh, Meghan, Lynne and Gra).
6. Item that's top of your wishlist right now
I recently done a blog on my March wishlist and the Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spike Boots are probably right at the top of my wishlist, mainly because I have been looking at these for months!
7. Favourite place in the world
I'm quite lucky I drive and there's so many peaceful places I can go in Dublin and hide away from everything. Only a select amount of people know these places and no one knows all of them! However, if there was one place I would love to go back to, it would definitly be New York. I mentioned in a previous post that I would marry the person that brought me back to New York, or at least carry their children! I adore the place, mainly because of all of the hustle and bustle, and the amount of different types of people you can run into.
8. Comfort food
Cheese...I could eat cheese with anything! Year ago I wouldn't touch it, but now my love has much so that my friend Ger's dad was going to get me a block for my 21st!  I'll have it with anything....
9. Where/ how you met your best friend
I'm so luck that I have two super best friends and I'm so lucky to have them. I was fortunate enough to meet Niamh when I was only a baba! My mam used to babysit her and she literally live half a minute away! We have been hrough everything together from our first day a playschool, to primary school, to secondary school, ballet, first boyfriends....literally everything! She's an amazing person and we have so many memories together. My second best friend, Ash, is also an amazing person...I met her in my first year of secondary school and we bonded over dogs. We've basically been inseparable ever since and I see her at least every second day. Although we've had our ups and downs, I know both Niamh and Ash will be there for me through it all!
10. What inspires your style
Blogs...I also get these little trends stuck in my head and stick with them.
11. Beauty product you can't live without
My foundation...I have freckles and absolutly hate them, even though people say they're not that bad. I have to cover them up, otherwise it is literally like I'm a day-walker!

My 11 Questions to my nominees...

  1. What's your favourite TV show at the moment?
  2. What's the best gift you've been given?
  3. What's the worst job you've had/ Task within a job?
  4. Best date you've ever had
  5. Best memory from you're childhood
  6. Tell us an embarrassing story...
  7. What's the one thing you can't live without?
  8. Who's your favourite actor?
  9. Tell us about an embarrassing celebrity crush you have
  10. Do you have any regrets? If so what?
  11. What is your secret beauty regime?
Dawn xXx

Friday, 1 March 2013

March Wishlist

First of all happy 1st of March to everyone...3 months into 2013...Where have January and February gone?!!
So I have a terrible time with online shopping...It's dangerous. I always find myself on some site at least once a day, and my wishlists and carts just keep filling up. Unfortunatly being a student, I can hardly afford lunch in college let alone a shopping spree...I keep telling myself that one day I'll do it!
So I thought I would share with you the current pieces I am dying to purchase...
The first is from a website that I love (but have never purchased from) is Wildfox. The reason I have never bought anything from them is because they're quite expensive and I never have the courage, I guess, to buy anything.
The first thing that I love from this site is the Wildfox Couture Broken Heart Bracelet Set. It's for sale on the site for $60 which is about €46, so if anyone would like to go splits on it with me, they can :) As long as I got the Fox side, for obvious reasons!
The next thing I have to show you is the 10k gold chain bracelet with heart locket and pearls. I love this, I think it's amazing. I love how trashy and tacky it is, but it is definitely something I would wear (I speak so highly of myself!). It's $75 which converts to about €58. It's not too bad, but not something I have in my purse at the moment.
The next site that I will go through is Motel Rocks. I remember hearing about this site years ago, but only really started using it last year. They do 20% student discount which is AMAZING and if you sign up to their mailing list or update your preferences you can get €10 free credit. I highly recommend you head over to their Facebook page and check out what other offers they have on!
So the first thing on my wishlist from Motel Rocks is this Laptop Bag. You're probably thinking, what a random thing to want, but I have my reasons. I love leopord print (its the trashy side of me) and my pretty new laptop has been shoved into this horrible case, and when I say horrible I mean it's this disgusting grey and black case that broke after one day, with this horrible canvas feel to it. It obviously came free with the laptop though, so I could hardly expect glamour! The laptop bag is only €22.50 but I just haven't gotten around to buying it.

The next product I need are these Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spike Boots. I have been looking at this for so long now, and I keep planning on putting money aside for them, but never do! I absolutely love them, whether or not I could walk in them is another story though. They're €175, but with 20% student discount they would only cost €140...BARGAIN...not really, I know but I think I may be IN love with them.

And the final product I'll show you from the Motel Rocks website is this Motel Jetty Plunge Neck Dress. I know its a bit risky, but with a statement necklace it could look amazing. It's €62.50 and is probably something I will end up purchasing in the next week or two!

I recently discovered a website called Pretty Little Thing, I have a feeling they're relatively new but I haven't looked too much into it. They have a lot of the same stuff as Boohoo but seem to be a lot cheaper. They also have a section dedicated to snapbacks. I love snapbacks, I probably wouldn't wear one out but I still really want one. The ones on Pretty Little Things are a bit too tacky, even for me, but I found this super cute, girly one and it's only €25. I'm going to have to seriously consider this before I make a silly purchase!!

The final thing that I have on my Wishlist is on the Boohoo website. It's the Cara Cap Sleeve Jersey Bodycon Midi Dress. I have wanted a midi dress for awhile, but haven't found one that I liked and this is the first one that has really caught my eye, and it's only €16.
So basically they're my favourite pieces from my many different wishlist...If anyone would like to surprise me with anything from this feel free to!
Thanks for reading...