Friday, 26 April 2013

'Pretty Perfect' Nail Polish Remover

Hey Guys!
Two post in one day!! Shows how much spare time I had today! I had to do a review of this product I bought a few weeks ago! It's a nail polish remover, type thing. Not your average nail polish remover any way! I've never even seen anything like this, but after reading a couple of reviews about the Bourjois version, I thought it sounded amazing...apart from the price. For over €7 I'd rather use regular old nail polish remover, it does the job just fine! That was until I came across this version. It's 'Pretty Perfect' twist and out nail polish remover and it does the exact same thing as the Bourjois version, for only €2.49. For that price I just had to pick it up! 
Honestly girls, it's AMAZING!! All you do it put you finger in the sponge thing, twist it and pull it out. It's so simple and easy, and literally takes about a minute to remove all of your nail polish! The only one down flaw of this, is that it smells quite strong of acetone, but if you can hack that you'll love this! 
I've included some pictures to show you girls, but I really cannot portray how easy it is, oyu'll have to pick one up for yourself to try it out!
Have you tried this type of nail polish remover? Yay or Nay? I have a feeling this will be perfect for removing glitter and textured nail polishes!

Stu's Birthday

Hey Girls,
Apologies for not keeping this up to date! I have a few things that I've been meaning to post over the past few weeks, I've literally become a hermit though. Such a hectic few weeks, but I'm getting there. Quick update about my life, college is becoming extremely stressful and I have so much work to do. Now saying that I honestly probably would be in a ball on my bedroom floor crying right now if it wasn't for the three amazing girls in college, Ashie, Anto and Fiona! Thanks Girls!!
Sean, Conor, Myself and the birthday boy, Stuart!
Ok so secondly, my thesis is actually coming along quite well, my supervisor seems to be happy with the work I've produced so far, so I'm delighted. All I really care about right now is getting it in on time and not failing my exams!
I've had a few nights out in between posting here, and these are mainly for peoples birthdays! Last Saturday was probably the most stressful night out I've had in awhile! I was in work until about quarter to 11, but my manager was extremely sound by letting me sneak off 5 minutes early to get ready! I ended up doing most of my make up in the canteen and turned out fairly well I think!
Mick and Myself
We all headed down to Club 92 for Stuarts birthday and it was such a fun night. We ran into Jay from Tallifornia and he's such a sweet lad, considering the amount of people that were hounding him for a photo.
I unfortunately never got a picture of my outfit from my night out (OK I lie you can sort of see it in my pics but not very well) but I wore my Boohoo Body Suit, which is really cute, with my old reliable River Island shorts. I also got an amazing pair of shoes from Korkys two weeks ago for €34.99. Bargain really, even if I didn't need them.
My Amazing New Shoes from Korkys <3
Here's some of the pics from my night out...

The majority of the group...My face looks super excited,
probably because I was :/
Rushed make up worked out well!
Thanks for reading guys! Have you had any crazy nights out? Any new items that you really didn't need?

Friday, 12 April 2013

Johnson and Johnson Eye Makeup Remover

Hey guys!
I done a blog post awhile ago about Lancome products and one of the things that I reviewed was eye makeup remover! I mentioned how much I loved it...Well unfortunately a few weeks after writing that post I knocked the bottle over with the lid off and it went everywhere....meaning I had no eye makeup remover left and felt devastated! I off course felt like crying and I really don't have that much money to buy the Lancome one again. 
So I was in Boots about 2 weeks ago and just picked up the first one I seen that was a good price. I bought Johnson and Johnson eye makeup remover and it was only €4.29, a fraction of Lancome's price. This product has obviously been around for ages, but it was my first time reviewing it. Well ladies...I have been converted! It's fantastic all you have to do is shake it and squeeze a tiny amount onto a cotton pad! I wear quite heavy eye makeup on nights out and this has removed every bit of it...even the stubborn bits that get jammed in your creases! Couldn't recommend this anymore! It's fantastic and for the price it's a real bargain. It's a little bit oily but sure what product isn't and it's not overly greasy too! 
10/10 fantastic product, super cheap, absolute bargain! Highly recommend it girls!
Have any of you tried this product? Opinions? Would you recommend another eye makeup remover?! I'd love to hear from you! 
Thanks for reading,

Barry M Textured Nail Polish

Hello Lovely Ladies!
As you all know I have an obsession with nail polishes...And unfortunately for my bank account it just keeps growing! Realistically I'll have to stop soon when I've purchased every colour available. So my latest obsession is Barry M's Textured Nail Polish range! I bought this shade from ASOS FOR €5.24 in the 304 Kingsland Road shade which you can find here. Unfortunately my pictures do it no justice but you get the point! They're meant to be textured and have this "grunge" look. I'd disagree with the grunge aspect but they are definitely textured! I honestly don't know how I feel about this nail polish, it does have it's cons. The first con is that its quite watery, meaning you need a base coat. And the second con is that it takes forever to dry...Other than that I do like it. I was lucky enough to already have a shade quite similar to the colour I bought, which I have always loved. It's Barry M also in shade 309 Strawberry. It works great as a base coat for the textured nail polish, which I think you would definitly need.

Below is a picture of them on my nails but unfortunatly my camera is shocking and the textured effect didn't really come out to well!! I'd recommend them for you to try yourself...BUT tbh I was a little bit let down. I love the shade and the textured feel...I just hate that it needs a base coats and that it takes forever to dry...especially if your in a rush out the door! Out of 10 I'd give it a 5...I'm just a little bit iffy on it...
What do you girls think about the textured look? Have you tried this new range from Barry M? Yay or Nay?
Thanks for reading! 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Dusk Till Dawn in Motel

Hey guys!
So the Motel Rocks Street Teamers were set the task of creating a style board to show your daytime spring Motel look! I had to take part in this, as I knew it would be so easy to find an array of items that I would love. It actually proved a lot more difficult than I thought as there were so many different things I wanted to put onto my style board!
I ended up with this day time look. I love the monochrome trend that's re-emerging lately and I think it's super easy to wear. I took my inspiration from the styling in the bottom right picture, however as I created my style board my ideas changed completely. I decided to go for the kind of punk rock-girly look. This look really reminds me of a sort of 90's style, the fashion "rejects"! Such a style that I'm in love with right now!
I started with the Motel Kadie High Waist Skater Skirt. I love the skater shape as I find it flatters my body well! I also don't think you can ever go wrong with a good black skirt. I paired this with the Motel Linda Long Sleeve Mesh Crop. I love this 90's feel mesh top and because it has long sleeves it would be perfect to wear in Ireland! I think everyone knows that I have a thing for leather and studs, so with this outfit you would have to throw a leather jackets over it...a jacket just like the Motel Tammy Faux Leather Studded Lapel Jacket. I love this jacket and although it's a little bit out of my price range, it's definitely something you would wear for more than one season. 
A girl can't walk around barefoot can she? I decided to add to the modern grunge feel of the outfit by throwing in a pair of Dr Martens 1460 8 eye boots. These are a something you can literally wear with anything, whether it's with a pair of shorts or a pretty floral dress!
I found the Zatchels Metallic Gold Leather Satchel and had to pop it into my style board. I think it adds a pop of colour to the the outfit and would definitely be the main focus point! It's also extremely cute and glamorous at the same time! FINALLY, to add a pop of colour to the outfit I loved the idea of using an orange nail polish, so I choose Models Own Nail Polish in Orange Sorbet. It's such a pretty and bright shade. Although the outfit is completely black I felt this shade really adds that spring summer feel to it!
What do you guys think about my style board? Yay or Nay? Don't forget you can get 20% of Motel Rocks products by entering my code "dawnrice" at the checkout! 

Rimmel Apocalips Review

Hey Guys!
First of I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for following my blog. I never thought when I started this that I'd have one follower let alone 30! So thank you to every single person!

So, I bought Rimmels Apocalips in McCartans Pharmacy a few weeks back. There was so much hype around this product that I had to try it. I say product because I'm not sure whether it's a lipstick or lipgloss! It was only €5.95, so I counted my coppers and purchased it (It will usually retail at €7.95). It's available in 8 gorgeous shades! Now, I'm not one for crazy lip shades for everyday use (give me a bright pink for nights out no problem), so I went for #600 Nude Eclipse. It's a really natural shade, and gives your lips a slight shimmer, which makes them look plumper!
Unfortunately because it's a nude shade,
it's difficult to see
I love this shade because it's so natural and it can really dress your make-up up! What I really love about these, is that it's not exactly glossy, like it gives the appearance of a gloss without the horrible stickiness that gets all over your hands and hair (I'm extremely messy and clumsy). Overall, these lipsticks are meant to be long-lasting, but they're not. They do however last a lot longer than most lipsticks and will only really budge if your eating or drinking!
Overall, I'd recommend these to anyone and I'll be buying it in more shades. Definitely worth the hype!
What do you guys think? Have you tried Rimmels Apocalips? Worth the hype?

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cocoa Brown Tan Review

Hey guys!
So I recently bought Cocoa Brown Tan by Marissa Carter. I bought it in McCartans Pharmacy for €7.99 which is pretty good for a tan. As most people know I love being tanned and actually don't feel right if I'm not tanned. Basically Marissa Carter owns Carter Beauty in Blackrock, and I absolutely love getting my tan done there, not only is it cheap (€15) but it also looks amazing after and the salon is...well perfect! And you can book online which is even better!!Honestly one of the best salons I've ever been to.

Well back to the actual tan itself...just like the salon it is amazing! It develops in under an hour and is a really nice shade. It doesn't smell horrible and it doesn't leave you feeling sticky and slimy!! And what's best about this, is that when you're applying it you're able to see areas that you may have missed! For the price you really can't go wrong!
This picture really doesn't do the shade
 justice at all
My natural shade vs tan
(this wasn't planned I'm just terrible at applying tan)

Have you guys tried Cocoa Brown yet? Any other tans that you would recommend?! I'd love to see any of your tan reviews!