Friday, 26 April 2013

'Pretty Perfect' Nail Polish Remover

Hey Guys!
Two post in one day!! Shows how much spare time I had today! I had to do a review of this product I bought a few weeks ago! It's a nail polish remover, type thing. Not your average nail polish remover any way! I've never even seen anything like this, but after reading a couple of reviews about the Bourjois version, I thought it sounded amazing...apart from the price. For over €7 I'd rather use regular old nail polish remover, it does the job just fine! That was until I came across this version. It's 'Pretty Perfect' twist and out nail polish remover and it does the exact same thing as the Bourjois version, for only €2.49. For that price I just had to pick it up! 
Honestly girls, it's AMAZING!! All you do it put you finger in the sponge thing, twist it and pull it out. It's so simple and easy, and literally takes about a minute to remove all of your nail polish! The only one down flaw of this, is that it smells quite strong of acetone, but if you can hack that you'll love this! 
I've included some pictures to show you girls, but I really cannot portray how easy it is, oyu'll have to pick one up for yourself to try it out!
Have you tried this type of nail polish remover? Yay or Nay? I have a feeling this will be perfect for removing glitter and textured nail polishes!

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