Friday, 5 April 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Review

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So, I bought Rimmels Apocalips in McCartans Pharmacy a few weeks back. There was so much hype around this product that I had to try it. I say product because I'm not sure whether it's a lipstick or lipgloss! It was only €5.95, so I counted my coppers and purchased it (It will usually retail at €7.95). It's available in 8 gorgeous shades! Now, I'm not one for crazy lip shades for everyday use (give me a bright pink for nights out no problem), so I went for #600 Nude Eclipse. It's a really natural shade, and gives your lips a slight shimmer, which makes them look plumper!
Unfortunately because it's a nude shade,
it's difficult to see
I love this shade because it's so natural and it can really dress your make-up up! What I really love about these, is that it's not exactly glossy, like it gives the appearance of a gloss without the horrible stickiness that gets all over your hands and hair (I'm extremely messy and clumsy). Overall, these lipsticks are meant to be long-lasting, but they're not. They do however last a lot longer than most lipsticks and will only really budge if your eating or drinking!
Overall, I'd recommend these to anyone and I'll be buying it in more shades. Definitely worth the hype!
What do you guys think? Have you tried Rimmels Apocalips? Worth the hype?


  1. I haven't tried these yet but the red shade is the one I'm thinking ill get. Have you tried the loreal glossy stain ones? They last quite a while. Try the shade Lolita-pinky nude. take a look at my blog? X

  2. I haven't actually tried them but I definitely will have to! Thanks for your comment!!
    Dawn xXx

  3. your eyes are sooo beautiful! i'm really jeaoulos <3

    1. Oh really??!! Thank you so much!! I haven't heard that one in awhile!xx


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