Friday, 26 April 2013

Stu's Birthday

Hey Girls,
Apologies for not keeping this up to date! I have a few things that I've been meaning to post over the past few weeks, I've literally become a hermit though. Such a hectic few weeks, but I'm getting there. Quick update about my life, college is becoming extremely stressful and I have so much work to do. Now saying that I honestly probably would be in a ball on my bedroom floor crying right now if it wasn't for the three amazing girls in college, Ashie, Anto and Fiona! Thanks Girls!!
Sean, Conor, Myself and the birthday boy, Stuart!
Ok so secondly, my thesis is actually coming along quite well, my supervisor seems to be happy with the work I've produced so far, so I'm delighted. All I really care about right now is getting it in on time and not failing my exams!
I've had a few nights out in between posting here, and these are mainly for peoples birthdays! Last Saturday was probably the most stressful night out I've had in awhile! I was in work until about quarter to 11, but my manager was extremely sound by letting me sneak off 5 minutes early to get ready! I ended up doing most of my make up in the canteen and turned out fairly well I think!
Mick and Myself
We all headed down to Club 92 for Stuarts birthday and it was such a fun night. We ran into Jay from Tallifornia and he's such a sweet lad, considering the amount of people that were hounding him for a photo.
I unfortunately never got a picture of my outfit from my night out (OK I lie you can sort of see it in my pics but not very well) but I wore my Boohoo Body Suit, which is really cute, with my old reliable River Island shorts. I also got an amazing pair of shoes from Korkys two weeks ago for €34.99. Bargain really, even if I didn't need them.
My Amazing New Shoes from Korkys <3
Here's some of the pics from my night out...

The majority of the group...My face looks super excited,
probably because I was :/
Rushed make up worked out well!
Thanks for reading guys! Have you had any crazy nights out? Any new items that you really didn't need?

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  1. You and mick look so cute in these photos! :) love it! xxx


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