Friday, 12 April 2013

Johnson and Johnson Eye Makeup Remover

Hey guys!
I done a blog post awhile ago about Lancome products and one of the things that I reviewed was eye makeup remover! I mentioned how much I loved it...Well unfortunately a few weeks after writing that post I knocked the bottle over with the lid off and it went everywhere....meaning I had no eye makeup remover left and felt devastated! I off course felt like crying and I really don't have that much money to buy the Lancome one again. 
So I was in Boots about 2 weeks ago and just picked up the first one I seen that was a good price. I bought Johnson and Johnson eye makeup remover and it was only €4.29, a fraction of Lancome's price. This product has obviously been around for ages, but it was my first time reviewing it. Well ladies...I have been converted! It's fantastic all you have to do is shake it and squeeze a tiny amount onto a cotton pad! I wear quite heavy eye makeup on nights out and this has removed every bit of it...even the stubborn bits that get jammed in your creases! Couldn't recommend this anymore! It's fantastic and for the price it's a real bargain. It's a little bit oily but sure what product isn't and it's not overly greasy too! 
10/10 fantastic product, super cheap, absolute bargain! Highly recommend it girls!
Have any of you tried this product? Opinions? Would you recommend another eye makeup remover?! I'd love to hear from you! 
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  1. I have been using MAC eye makeup remover for ages and I am getting close to being out. I was going to replace it with Lancome as I have always loved the Lancome eye makeup remover but now I think it might be worth trying J&J first!

    Thanks Dawn!

    Love Lucee xx

    1. Try this one first before buying that Lancome one as it's so ridiculously over priced! And it's great for sensitive eyes and removes all those niggly bits that refuse to come of your lashes!!xXx

  2. I've been using Sephora's eye makeup remover that I received as a gift that works wonders but once that's gone I really didn't feel comfortable buying another one for the price. This product seems great though, I might give it a go!! Thanks for the review(:


    1. I would definitely recommend you try this one first before buying something so expensive!!xXx


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