Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It's Back to College I Go...

Thought that I would write a little bit about my first few days back in college. This is my last ever semester (hopefully), unless I go off and do a masters. So started off at one on Monday afternoon! Needless to say the first week back is kind of pointless! We had two classes each an hour long and both options, and after hearing the briefing for each I decided I wasn't going to take them! So I should officially have Mondays off, which is going to be perfect to fit in thesis work and my jobs! And I'm going to use some of the time just to relax! After our pointless two hours in college, myself and one of the other girls went to grab food and we ended up in this cute little cafe on Aungier street called Craze. It's about a two minute walk from my college and is such a pretty little place. They only really sell pittas and salad, so if that's not your thing I wouldn't recommend it! 
The inside of the Craze Cafe on Aungier Street
The selection isn't huge but I ended up choosing the hot chick pitta. It's basically Cajun chicken, sweet chilli sauce, lime mayo, rocket, peppers and onions and they give you a little side salad and pot of homemade salsa. It was so nice and it wasn't over-filling. It's a little bit on the pricey side but is definitely worth it. I ended up getting a Caramel Mocha to go when I was leaving and the total was just over €8! Not too bad really! And the Caramel Mocha was just what I needed for my drive home, even if it did spill all over me.
My Caramel Mocha was perfect for my drive home!

When we were leaving college there was obviously a promotion running for KitKat Chunky where you choose the best flavour. So we got free bars of them and of course I would vote for choc fudge. I honestly think the other flavours sound horrible! I loved the white chocolate one they had last year but unfortunately they're not as easy to obtain now!

Team Choc Fudge!

On Monday night one of my best friends sent me a picture of us all in 6th year and it was such perfect timing as I was stressing out about my finals and thesis. I t made me realise that if I got through 6th year with good enough marks (without studying) I can definitely do it this year!

The picture my best friend sent me of Aisling, Niamh and me, on our last day in 6th year.
So Tuesday came around and again it was a fairly pointless day. The daunting aspect of the next few weeks is that we will have to write a case study based around a company. It's worth 20% of our overall mark and we have to do it in groups. I'm not to nervous though because my group work really well together and we usually get good marks. Tuesday night I ended up going to the cinema to see The Impossible. I've heard a lot about it, and was told I would end up balling my eyes out. I didn't!! It was quite sad and made me contemplate what I would do in that situation but I wasn't in floods of tears (I may be a little heartless!).
Overall my first few days back in college have been fairly silly but at the same time its worrying the amount of work we have to do in such a short space of time, but I know I will get through it all...hopefully!!!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Lancôme Skin Care Review

I recently got a gift from one of the girls in work of a Lancôme set. I have always adored Lancôme  products but have never been able to afford them. The gift set she gave me was actually due to come free when you purchased two or more Lancôme  products, one to be skincare. In the gift set there was the Hydra Zen moisturising cream, the Bi-Facil instant cleanser for sensitive eyes, the Galatéis Douceur which is a cleanser, and there was also two small tubes of Lancôme Genifique and Lancôme Visionnaire. I gave the Genifique and Visionnaire samples to my mam, cause I didn't think I would use them. Needless to say she wanted the whole set.

I have bought cleansers and moisturisers before and have been happy with them but words cannot express how good these Lancôme products are! I wear make up everywhere, people have actually thought I am really sick when I don't wear make up! I have found previously that no eye make up remover takes all my mascara and eye liner off, but the bi-facil instant cleanser pulls it off so well. On a day-to-day basis I would wear foundation, mascara, eye liner and a little bit of eye-shadow. As you can see from the photo below how much eye make up came off with this product.

I have to admit I've been really scabby using all these products because I don't want them to run out, so I usually give myself a treat by using it once a week! The picture below of the cotton pads was actually after I used a make up wipes, which I would have previously thought would have gotten rid of most, if not all, my make up. It's sort of disgusting seeing that obviously there is still a good bit left after using a make up wipe and I wouldn't say that my make up is heavy. The Galatéis Douceur cleanser is amazing, it goes on so smoothly and lifts make up so quickly. I have quite sensitive skin so other products have stung my face but this is so gentle. The moisturiser is amazing, it smells gorgeous and gives your skin a healthy glow. It's an anti-stress moisturiser and it certainly make you feel a little bit more relaxed. I'd usually use all these product before I got to bed and I love waking up the next morning and seeing how fresh my skin looks.
Overall I would give each of the Lancôme products 5 out of 5!! Amazing products and definitely worth the price tag. And even better, Lancôme currently have 25% off all products in selected locations, so I will definitely be stocking up!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I went HD...for awhile anyway

Ok....So I lied...I have had a blog before...It just was terribly done and I had to start all over again! On my last blog I did however have a review on HD Brows! Basically I got HD brows done at the end of last year and I absolutely loved them...Myself and my best friend Aisling were planning on getting them done for AGES, but it was just getting around to having the time (and the money) for it. Well we eventually found the time to get them done, so we ventured up to Brown Cow in Sandyford for them...I can not give this salon enough praise, the staff are amazing, the service provided is exceptional and the prices arent too outrageous.

Well any way, the outcome of the HD sceal was that after 50 minutes I came out with the most perfect brows! I would recommend these to anyone. Love love love them!! And Brown Cow threw in a FREE eyelash tint!!

It cost €40 to get done, but it is definitely worth the money!! I would recommend it to EVERYONE!! And even better they lasted a good two months!

What they looked like the day after...A bit dark and OTT but so my style

Check out Brown Cows website for more information about their treatments: 

A little intro about myself

OK so I'm pretty much new to the whole blogging thing and the reason I'm doing this is basically to let people know how I live my life and the products I adore!! I should probably start of by introducing myself....My names Dawn and I'm 22 from Rathfarnham (if anyone doesn't know where that is, its South Dublin right at the foot of the mountains). I am currently studying Retail and Service Management in D.I.T. and am in my final year (procrastination at its finest right?!). My dream is to open up my own business; either being a small boutique or a franchise. I have the five best friends that anyone could ask for and from this little group there are three of us which are inseparable!
The girls that have gotten me this far!
I have a total of four dogs, which I know is an absurd amount (at the start of 2012 we had a total of five, we unfortunately lost three within that year and gained one in 2012 and one in 2013). I have one Jack Russell (Millie Mae), two miniature Jack Russell's (Lillie Mae and Lady Jay) and our latest addition is our Dalmatian pup Casper!

I love make up and fashion, and to be honest if I had a little bit more cash I would definitely look a lot better than I do now! I'm such a girly girl and especially love freshly painted nails and perfectly styled hair. I probably spend about €100 a month on new make up or nail polish, which I realistically don't need.
Everyone has one thing that is their mane attraction (excuse the pun) best friends is her eyes, mines my hair! I've dyed my hair possibly every colour under the sun and every colour seems to suit me. I'm currently working my way back up to being a blonde...the safe way! Sure you can decide for yourself which colour suits me the best!! Oh and by the way I am in fact a natural ginger :)
The colour changes throughout the left ginger age 19, top right blonde age 18, bottom left brown/black age 19 and bottom right my current colour.
If you have read this far then fair play and thank you so much!! I'm going to try to update this with everything new that I do, but with finals and all it may not happen!!
Thanks guys!