Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A little intro about myself

OK so I'm pretty much new to the whole blogging thing and the reason I'm doing this is basically to let people know how I live my life and the products I adore!! I should probably start of by introducing myself....My names Dawn and I'm 22 from Rathfarnham (if anyone doesn't know where that is, its South Dublin right at the foot of the mountains). I am currently studying Retail and Service Management in D.I.T. and am in my final year (procrastination at its finest right?!). My dream is to open up my own business; either being a small boutique or a franchise. I have the five best friends that anyone could ask for and from this little group there are three of us which are inseparable!
The girls that have gotten me this far!
I have a total of four dogs, which I know is an absurd amount (at the start of 2012 we had a total of five, we unfortunately lost three within that year and gained one in 2012 and one in 2013). I have one Jack Russell (Millie Mae), two miniature Jack Russell's (Lillie Mae and Lady Jay) and our latest addition is our Dalmatian pup Casper!

I love make up and fashion, and to be honest if I had a little bit more cash I would definitely look a lot better than I do now! I'm such a girly girl and especially love freshly painted nails and perfectly styled hair. I probably spend about €100 a month on new make up or nail polish, which I realistically don't need.
Everyone has one thing that is their mane attraction (excuse the pun) best friends is her eyes, mines my hair! I've dyed my hair possibly every colour under the sun and every colour seems to suit me. I'm currently working my way back up to being a blonde...the safe way! Sure you can decide for yourself which colour suits me the best!! Oh and by the way I am in fact a natural ginger :)
The colour changes throughout the left ginger age 19, top right blonde age 18, bottom left brown/black age 19 and bottom right my current colour.
If you have read this far then fair play and thank you so much!! I'm going to try to update this with everything new that I do, but with finals and all it may not happen!!
Thanks guys!


  1. I love bottom right :) and top left :) Welcome to the blogging world :) im also a newbie! :) xxx


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