Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I went HD...for awhile anyway

Ok....So I lied...I have had a blog before...It just was terribly done and I had to start all over again! On my last blog I did however have a review on HD Brows! Basically I got HD brows done at the end of last year and I absolutely loved them...Myself and my best friend Aisling were planning on getting them done for AGES, but it was just getting around to having the time (and the money) for it. Well we eventually found the time to get them done, so we ventured up to Brown Cow in Sandyford for them...I can not give this salon enough praise, the staff are amazing, the service provided is exceptional and the prices arent too outrageous.

Well any way, the outcome of the HD sceal was that after 50 minutes I came out with the most perfect brows! I would recommend these to anyone. Love love love them!! And Brown Cow threw in a FREE eyelash tint!!

It cost €40 to get done, but it is definitely worth the money!! I would recommend it to EVERYONE!! And even better they lasted a good two months!

What they looked like the day after...A bit dark and OTT but so my style

Check out Brown Cows website for more information about their treatments: 

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