Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It's Back to College I Go...

Thought that I would write a little bit about my first few days back in college. This is my last ever semester (hopefully), unless I go off and do a masters. So started off at one on Monday afternoon! Needless to say the first week back is kind of pointless! We had two classes each an hour long and both options, and after hearing the briefing for each I decided I wasn't going to take them! So I should officially have Mondays off, which is going to be perfect to fit in thesis work and my jobs! And I'm going to use some of the time just to relax! After our pointless two hours in college, myself and one of the other girls went to grab food and we ended up in this cute little cafe on Aungier street called Craze. It's about a two minute walk from my college and is such a pretty little place. They only really sell pittas and salad, so if that's not your thing I wouldn't recommend it! 
The inside of the Craze Cafe on Aungier Street
The selection isn't huge but I ended up choosing the hot chick pitta. It's basically Cajun chicken, sweet chilli sauce, lime mayo, rocket, peppers and onions and they give you a little side salad and pot of homemade salsa. It was so nice and it wasn't over-filling. It's a little bit on the pricey side but is definitely worth it. I ended up getting a Caramel Mocha to go when I was leaving and the total was just over €8! Not too bad really! And the Caramel Mocha was just what I needed for my drive home, even if it did spill all over me.
My Caramel Mocha was perfect for my drive home!

When we were leaving college there was obviously a promotion running for KitKat Chunky where you choose the best flavour. So we got free bars of them and of course I would vote for choc fudge. I honestly think the other flavours sound horrible! I loved the white chocolate one they had last year but unfortunately they're not as easy to obtain now!

Team Choc Fudge!

On Monday night one of my best friends sent me a picture of us all in 6th year and it was such perfect timing as I was stressing out about my finals and thesis. I t made me realise that if I got through 6th year with good enough marks (without studying) I can definitely do it this year!

The picture my best friend sent me of Aisling, Niamh and me, on our last day in 6th year.
So Tuesday came around and again it was a fairly pointless day. The daunting aspect of the next few weeks is that we will have to write a case study based around a company. It's worth 20% of our overall mark and we have to do it in groups. I'm not to nervous though because my group work really well together and we usually get good marks. Tuesday night I ended up going to the cinema to see The Impossible. I've heard a lot about it, and was told I would end up balling my eyes out. I didn't!! It was quite sad and made me contemplate what I would do in that situation but I wasn't in floods of tears (I may be a little heartless!).
Overall my first few days back in college have been fairly silly but at the same time its worrying the amount of work we have to do in such a short space of time, but I know I will get through it all...hopefully!!!

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