Monday, 4 March 2013

Ladies Night

So, two Saturdays ago I met up with two of the girl. The usual, quick catch up, tea and biscuits! We were originally planning on going for a walk, but it started snowing and we all decided we just weren't brave enough to venture into the wild weather! Well, tea basically ended up in us going up to Liffey Valley, even though we had all said we had no money. And as girls do, we ended up buying at least one thing before we left. I bought a really cute monochrome skirt from New Look and I love it. It's sort of high-waisted with a skater shape, so it's quite flattering. It could also be dressed up or down. 

Unfortunately (for our bank accounts), one of the girls mentioned that we should all go out. I had work the next morning (at 7am), so this was a huge no go for me, but as the girls kept talking about it more and I started convincing myself that I had to go, and I could get a shift cover. So the phone calls and texts began, and I eventually convinced someone to cover 7-10 and I would work the rest of the shift. We ended up sticking local, as we literally had no money! It was such a good night and we all had so much fun! 
I didn't end up wearing the new skater skirt and instead opted for the old reliable's! So this is the outfit I ended up wearing out...

Crop Top - New Look (€9.99)
Denim Shorts - River Island (€35)
Scarf - Penneys (Around €4)
Tights - Penneys (€3)
Tan Shoes - Korkys (€39.99)
Cross Necklace - New Look (€4.99)

We're all ready to go!
Obviously for night's out, your make up should be a bit darker. I wore my new Rimmel Match  Perfection  foundation (which I have to do a review on), Revlon's eye-shadow quad, lashes from Kiss and Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick!
My hair is so thick that there was no way I could wash and dry it before we went out. That excuse "I'm washing my hair" is a completely valid excuse for me! I ended up putting dry shampoo in my hair, then curling the ends and sweeping my fringe to the side. So simple and easy to do!
Make up for the night
Thank you for reading my blog!
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  1. I think I saw a post like this before.... oh yeah on my blog :-p xx

    1. Ha yeah...Well it was the same night out! And sure you had the photos! Next time I'll be quicker off the ball to do it!!xx


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