Friday, 1 March 2013

March Wishlist

First of all happy 1st of March to everyone...3 months into 2013...Where have January and February gone?!!
So I have a terrible time with online shopping...It's dangerous. I always find myself on some site at least once a day, and my wishlists and carts just keep filling up. Unfortunatly being a student, I can hardly afford lunch in college let alone a shopping spree...I keep telling myself that one day I'll do it!
So I thought I would share with you the current pieces I am dying to purchase...
The first is from a website that I love (but have never purchased from) is Wildfox. The reason I have never bought anything from them is because they're quite expensive and I never have the courage, I guess, to buy anything.
The first thing that I love from this site is the Wildfox Couture Broken Heart Bracelet Set. It's for sale on the site for $60 which is about €46, so if anyone would like to go splits on it with me, they can :) As long as I got the Fox side, for obvious reasons!
The next thing I have to show you is the 10k gold chain bracelet with heart locket and pearls. I love this, I think it's amazing. I love how trashy and tacky it is, but it is definitely something I would wear (I speak so highly of myself!). It's $75 which converts to about €58. It's not too bad, but not something I have in my purse at the moment.
The next site that I will go through is Motel Rocks. I remember hearing about this site years ago, but only really started using it last year. They do 20% student discount which is AMAZING and if you sign up to their mailing list or update your preferences you can get €10 free credit. I highly recommend you head over to their Facebook page and check out what other offers they have on!
So the first thing on my wishlist from Motel Rocks is this Laptop Bag. You're probably thinking, what a random thing to want, but I have my reasons. I love leopord print (its the trashy side of me) and my pretty new laptop has been shoved into this horrible case, and when I say horrible I mean it's this disgusting grey and black case that broke after one day, with this horrible canvas feel to it. It obviously came free with the laptop though, so I could hardly expect glamour! The laptop bag is only €22.50 but I just haven't gotten around to buying it.

The next product I need are these Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spike Boots. I have been looking at this for so long now, and I keep planning on putting money aside for them, but never do! I absolutely love them, whether or not I could walk in them is another story though. They're €175, but with 20% student discount they would only cost €140...BARGAIN...not really, I know but I think I may be IN love with them.

And the final product I'll show you from the Motel Rocks website is this Motel Jetty Plunge Neck Dress. I know its a bit risky, but with a statement necklace it could look amazing. It's €62.50 and is probably something I will end up purchasing in the next week or two!

I recently discovered a website called Pretty Little Thing, I have a feeling they're relatively new but I haven't looked too much into it. They have a lot of the same stuff as Boohoo but seem to be a lot cheaper. They also have a section dedicated to snapbacks. I love snapbacks, I probably wouldn't wear one out but I still really want one. The ones on Pretty Little Things are a bit too tacky, even for me, but I found this super cute, girly one and it's only €25. I'm going to have to seriously consider this before I make a silly purchase!!

The final thing that I have on my Wishlist is on the Boohoo website. It's the Cara Cap Sleeve Jersey Bodycon Midi Dress. I have wanted a midi dress for awhile, but haven't found one that I liked and this is the first one that has really caught my eye, and it's only €16.
So basically they're my favourite pieces from my many different wishlist...If anyone would like to surprise me with anything from this feel free to!
Thanks for reading...


  1. My laptop bag is so boring I ahev been on the lookout for a new one!

    Nicole xx

    1. I hate having boring things tbh! I need something exciting...It'll make me feel better about having to go to work!
      Thank you so much for your comment
      Dawn xXx


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