Friday, 8 March 2013

Mother's Day Purchases

As most people close to me know that me and my mam fight like cats and dogs. The reason behind this is because we're both so alike and our personalities clash, and this has always been the case. 
I am always spoiled on my birthday and Christmas, and I obviously know it's my mam behind all of the purchases. So, this Mother's Day I wanted to spoil my mam, mainly because she deserves it. There's always some form of competition between what me and my sister get, and I think this year I've won! 
This is what I'll be giving my mam this Sunday: 
I'd say in total I spent just under €75 and that includes a card. The box I had from before, but realistically if I didn't have it I would have I would have either bought one or wrapped an old shoe box! This wasn't my own idea, I actually got it from another blog, Laura's Fashion Fix. It was such a good idea I had to do my own. I know people will probably think €75 is a lot to spend, but realistically I would have spent that on something she didn't want or need. I still have to put some sort of cellophane around it to make it look presentable (I am such a neat freak that I won't give this to my mam until it looks perfect).
I got my mam 10 Macaroon bars from a local Centra. She loves these and for awhile the only place that sold them was Avoca. These cost me €3.90.
I decided to go up to Liffey Valley to get some little pieces for my mam, mainly because they have such a big Boots store. I ended up buying my mam this Soap and Glory Getaway gift set, Soap and Glory Foot Cream, L'Oreal Gradual Tan, Extracts Body Butter and a Rimmel nail polish. The total cost of this was €38, which was fine.
I also got my mam some No.7 products. As much as I love this range, I hate their actual make up. It's so over priced and really not worth it. The only reason I stopped at this little concession thing in Boots was because I had a voucher for them and they were giving away a free make up bag. They had a deal on that you could get 3 for the price of 2 on any of the skin care range. I ended up buying a moisturiser, after sun and an after sun for your face (I should probably mention that my mam and dad are going away next week, that's why I bought her after sun). The total cost of this should have been about €36.20 but I got the cheapest item free and then I also got €6.50 off the total! Unfortunately  the make up bag was only free if you bought two items from the make up range and we all know my feelings on their make up!
The final stop in Liffey Valley was Dunnes Stores. I went in looking for a woven basket to put everything into and ended up buying three mini candles and a card! The candles only cost me €5 and the card was €4. The candles smell amazing and would fit in really well to my mams dressing room.

The final thing I bought my mam was chocolates! You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates for your mammy! (***Note to any future children I might have that could possibly stumble across this blog, do not buy me chocolates, I can't eat half of them and the majority of them are rank!)
That's basically everything that I got my mam and I really hope she likes them! 
Thanks for reading
Dawn xXx


    you found some really nice things and im sure she will love it!


  2. Love this post! I am sure she'll love it!



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