Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Happy Birthday Kaden

Just a quick update of my day. The start of the day is fairly unimportant...I was in work from 1 till 5! My job is fairly handy that I can come and go when I please really. I can also wear quite casual clothes and my boss knows that I'm usually coming straight from college. 

So, the whole point of this post is that I wanted to inform you all of Kaden's first birthday! Kaden is my boyfriends nephew and he is the cutest little monster ever. I love kids, but Kaden has made me realise that I need to be a lot older before I have any (and I mean a lot older!). I'm terrified he'll start crying around me and I won't know what to do. So, for his first birthday Nicola (Micks sister) went all out. She got a Hungry Henry cake and had a little birthday party for him. I missed the actual party because I was in work, but I got to see the birthday boy for split second before he went to bed. He was a little bit grumpy because he had such a hectic day and I was told he wasn't to fond of his birthday cake and the fuss placed around it... apparently crowds of people and loud noises make babies cry! Kaden also got to go to the zoo today as well, and I was told he wasn't too interested in the lions but the goats appealed to him more (I completely understand where he's coming from). Because I'm broke I couldn't get him a present but he seems to have toys and gifts coming from every angle. 

I basically ended up having a bit too much cake (it was amazing) and then myself and Mick ended up going for a little drive to Dun Laoighre. We ended up walking the pier and having a quick catch up. We've both been so hectic, we don't get much time with just each other, so it was nice for that one to one time. I guess the pier has a lot of memories for us as a couple, as we had our first "sober" kiss there and he asked me to be his girlfriend as well. We also always end up talking about the future when we walk it.
My outfit for today was quite casual. After work I ended up changing in something super comfy and I really wasn't bothered making an effort!
I love my dork t-shirt that my boyfriend bought for me. It's really baggy to wear, so it's sort of like being dressed up while lounging! My leggings are from Boohoo and are super comfy. Something I find about Boohoo is that they don't take height into consideration, so I found that these are sort of like ankle bashers (you know, expecting floods trousers!). I got my Uggs two years ago and I think they need to be replaced sometime soon, they seem to be falling apart, but they've been worn a lot! I wore two string tops under my Dork t-shirt and I always wear vests under tops (just a comfort thing I guess at this point). Both tops are from Penneys and were dirt cheap.
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  1. Aww he is super cute! Take me to the zoo! :)

    Love your dork tee :) you big nerd! :)

    ash xxx


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