Friday, 18 October 2013

Good Things - Instant Dark Circles Concealer

Morning ladies,
I got sent out Good Things Instant Dark Circles Concealer before I went away on holidays. I've always used a natural collection concealer which I love, but since my obsession for the Good Things brand has begun to grow, I decided to change things up a bit. (Click here to see my previous Good Things post...)
Firstly, I think the packaging is really cute, and is presented the same as every other Good Things product. It's 15ml so is quite small, but the tiniest bit goes a long way. Originally when I first applied this product, I found it quite difficult to get out due to the metal roller-ball tip, but once I overcame this it was smooth sailing from here on out. 
This concealer, unlike many others, is a two-in-one product which not only covers dark circles but also depuffs the area. I sometimes find concealer can be really tough on your eye area and can sting quite a bit, but this has been tested to be extra gentle and is really lightweight!
So what are the ingredients that make it lightweight and help depuff the eye area? Raspberry,Lychee and Caffeine. The raspberry soothes the skin, the lychee supports the area around the eye due to the mineral potassium and the caffeine acts on the tiny blood capillaries within the skin to improve circulation and counteract puffiness around the eye area!
 So, does it conceal and hide puffy, dark circles? YES! Is it easy to use? YES! Is it an essential to my beauty bag? I don't know.... This was really a go to product on my holidays, mainly because it was super lightweight and hid my hideous dark circles from my friends! However, back at home it doesn't give me ENOUGH coverage... It's not great on blemishes and when I'm wearing a full face of make up it just doesn't sit right, I guess... 
Overall, I probably wouldn't rush to stores to purchase this again, but it definitely didn't put me off Good Things products. It smelt amazing (I never thought I'd say that about a concealer), was easy to use, is lightweight with natural ingredients and is reasonably well priced for what it does.
Have you ever used any Good Things products? Have you tried the Instant Dark Circles Concealer? What is your opinion on it?


  1. This looks amazing! Want it. Great post x

  2. I bought this at Marshall's & loved it but now it finished and can't find it anywhere :( looking for a similar product


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