Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ah we're on our holidays...

Morning ladies and happy October!
Apologies for the complete lack of posts as of recent! I've been busy getting the last few bits for my holidays, working loads and last week I was relaxing in the sun in Puerto Rico! I just wanted to share some details from my holiday with you....
We arrived at our hotel in Puerto Rico on Saturday night and after quickly unpacking we met by the poolside bar for a drink or two! (There was a bit of an issue on the plane which delayed us getting off... Some lady obviously couldn't last the 4 hour flight without sneaking to the toilet for a smoke... She seemed to get away with it and was also first off the plane... But sure she was on her holiday so it's acceptable, it's also acceptable to batter your 2year old grandchild too apparently... But enough of that). 
The next morning myself and Mick rose at about 9 to search out a supermarket and bakery (we'd been so excited about getting freshly made pastries for weeks!). Now this is probably where I should mention the steps... Almost 200 steps down to the commercial centre, which means 200 steps back up... NIGHTMARE, we done it twice and I think that was enough for us!
Some of the steps down to the commercial centre...
After the steps ordeal, we spent the majority of the day in the sun, and then caught the GAA final in a lovely Australian bar... COYBIB! We went for a meal later on and then had a few drinks by the pool later that evening.
Myself and Mick celebrating in an Australian bar!
The next day I woke early again (I'm not a morning person, but I couldn't sleep past half 9), we ended up spending the day in the commercial centre having a little wander and had a swim later on!
For the rest of the week it was mainly sunbathing, swimming and eating! 
On the Thursday evening we headed out quite early and returned to the apartment early enough to catch a magic show and reptile show after... We got to get in a picture with a giant albino python around us (which was fantastic), however I was more interested in getting a picture with the magicians dog!
The next day we went to a lovely little market about 20 mins away from us (something Mogan, but I was referring to it as Piers Morgan!). I picked up a few bits, including a lovely statement necklace and a giraffe mask thing for my wall! Nothing else really tickled my fancy apart from a lovely "Louis Vuitton" tote, which the seller was trying to sell for an extortionate price.... I can live without it!
Saturday came around and unfortunately this meant we had to pack up our stuff and get out. We managed to nab a late check out on one of the rooms, but of course this was the hottest day and I think we all wanted to jump in the pool. Our bus collected us for the airport just after 8 and we soon discovered our flight was delayed... Thankfully it wasn't too long, but it just meant getting home from Dublin airport would be a lot more difficult... Myself and Mick had been awake since before 8 so we were getting a bit cranky!
Overall I had a fantastic trip and I really wasn't happy about coming back! I have a few more posts planned for during the week, so hopefully I'll get the time to write them up...
Have any of you ever been to Puerto Rico? What do you think about the resort?

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  1. Oooh so lovely and sunny and love the snake pics!



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