Sunday, 1 September 2013

September/ Holiday Wishlist

Hey guys,
So, in three weeks I'll probably be sitting on a sun lounger working on my tan.... but more than likely I'll be sat under a sun umbrella complaining about the heat. Yes, that's right ladies, I'm going on my summer holidays! Myself and Ash, from A Plus Size Pony Pal, are dragging our boyfriends to Puerto Rico (in Spain not Mexico). We've been planning this trip since June, and we finally booked it last week! We're both so excited to head off... and it worked out super cheap, all we have to do now is organise our spending money!
The apartments we'll be staying in...
So with this I wanted to put together a holiday wishlist, in the hopes someone might see this and decide to spoil me....

Holiday wishlist

The first thing I really want to pick up for my holidays is a pair of flatforms, I know these are horrible but for holidays they're perfect. I found a lovely pair on ASOS and they're only €49... however I also love these snake skin wedge flatforms (more wedge than flatform to be honest), but at almost €190 I just couldn't justify it.
ASOS | ASOS JUMP Leather Flatform Sandals at ASOS
ASOS Flatforms for €49
I absolutely love these shorts from Glamourous, and they only cost €30. I think they'd look fantastic with a dark tan, not saying I'll have that. These are definitely within my budget so I may purchase them before I go... but who knows.
Ok, so my style is so basic, I literally live in tank tops and cami's, but I love swing cami's like this one from Miss Selfridge (it's now sold out, but so many other high street stores sell these). Now, as much as I love this I just couldn't purchase it, mainly because Miss Selfridge's never take into consideration girls with boobs, and these are always really tight on me in that area...
....Sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses... now anyone that knows me knows how much I need sunglasses with me at all times, and this is due to my leaky eye....yes I said it, LEAKY EYE! Wind, sun, rain, and my eye will leak! I love these Ray-Bans, but at over €150 I think I'll stick to my cheap know off pair...right?! One day I'll splurge on a pair of these, and will then probably end up sitting on them and will probably never leave my house again.
Michael I right?! Wow!! I've have been lusting over a Michael Kors tote bag... and watch....for the past year and a half. I just really couldn't justify it, when I can get a knock off in Penney's for next to nothing. However, this is my holiday wishlist and if I could afford it, I would be strutting around Dublin airport with a tote on one arm and a flashy watch on the other.
The final thing that's on my wishlist is this boho style frindship cuff. It's $20 which is about €15 (?), but I think I'll wait till I get over there to purchase something like this, after all I could probably get 20 of these for the same price over there!
Have any of you got any holidays planned?! What would be on your wishlist?!

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