Friday, 5 July 2013

Budget Powder Brush

Hi all!
It's been such a hectic week for me, I've hardly had a chance to think! I'm working 5 days which is a bonus but trying to organise holidays and weddings and squeezing time in for himself and herself its fairly tough! I've some bad news, my first ever car made its last journey yesterday and I'm not going to lie but it was actually really sad (I know I'm such a loser)… Marty has literally been my escape route over the past three years!
But the good news is, I got a new(ish) car. I say newish because my sister actually got a new car and I took her old one, which came at the perfect time because I could feel Marty really struggling the past few weeks! 
So, this post isn't just about Marty the Micra, it's basically all about a new powder brush I picked up last week (I wanted to use it for bronzer though). 
I really needed a brush that I didn't mind destroying, but it needed to be a budget buy. I picked one up for €1.50 in Penneys/ Primark and I thought it was really cute and loved that it could just sit on my dresser…and its pink so would fit into my decor perfectly! I honestly didn't expect it to be perfect or the best make-up brush I have, but this kind of took the piss to be honest. It was fairly rough when I first felt it and when I used it I noticed there were pick strands everywhere! When I looked closely at the top of the brush I noticed that it was literally shedding… a ridiculous amount! I kind of thought it would be a once off so ran it over my hand a few times and sort of tried to remove the loose strands… it just kept shedding though.
I'm so glad I didn't pay any more than €1.50 for it though and I think I've learnt my lesson about buying cheap brushes. From now on I'll be picking up more expensive brushes, that will last longer than a few minutes!
Have you tried any of the Penneys/ Primark make-up brushes? What brushes would you recommend on a budget?
Dawn xXx

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