Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Willow&Clo New Sound Wave Collection

Hello ladies!
As anyone that really knows me, knows that I have an obsession with jewellery. I love all types really, and I usually wear quite chunky accessories on nights out. However, for everyday wear I usually choose more delicate pieces. I am however very basic with these and wear the same pieces on a day-to-day basis. Most of my jewellery I wear everyday has a particular meaning to me, and these comprise of my Claddagh ring and my Thomas Sabo or Newbridge charm bracelet.
I was recently notified of the new Sound Wave collection from Willow&Clo and instantly fell in love. The whole concept behind these is that they are secret messages engraved on delicate and beautiful discs, so only you know what these sound waves mean...clever right?! I've compiled a small mood board of my favourite pieces from the collection, and to be honest it was difficult to choose only three. With these I've also included what each sound wave means.

Willow&Clo Mood Board

The first piece I choose was a delicate bracelet with a simple engraving saying "Strength", simple and cute. This is on sales for €99
The second piece from the collection which I loved was an open circle necklace which is engraved with the sound wave "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land amongst the Stars". I love that this was an open circle and sort of reminded me of a ring on a necklace. This retails for €125.
The final piece I selected was a double disc necklace, which is engraved with the sound wave "Carpe Diem" which means "seize the day". I've always loved this saying, and someone which I know has this tattooed down their side, which I think is pretty awesome. This piece retails for €149. Although these a quite expensive, they are definitely something which would mean a lot to someone and would always be held quite dearly.
This led me to think, if I could choose one sound wave to have engraved on a piece, what would it be?! After throwing out lots of ideas to himself, I eventually realised I would want a piece that is completely unique to me, yet would still relate back to most people. I chose one word... Perseverance. I originally thought choosing one word would be a bit silly, you know when people get those Chinese symbols tattooed onto them that mean hope, love, peace, strength and dancer (yes I know someone who has that tattoo) and I didn't want this, but when I chose this word I thought it was perfect. 
This all come from the fact that I was telling my boyfriend I want something to show that life is shit at times, but you have to keep pushing through all the shit to get to the rainbow...cheesy I know, but the past year has really shown me how persistence is so important within your life. There were so many times throughout this year that I could have just given up, and not put in 100% to everything I do, but I didn't. Perseverance and hard-work is why I am where I am today, and why I will be where I want to be in the future. Basically the entire meaning behind this is that you should never give up. Life will always throw you a few curve balls, but get back on your feet and deal with it. Perseverance is why I finished this year with the results I strived for, and that's why I chose this meaning. Some people may not fully understand my choice, but I have grown to love it. 
If you could choose one word or sentence to have engraved in sound waves what would you pick?! What do you think about the new collection from Willow&Clo?!

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  1. Hey Dawn,
    Thanks so much for this lovely blog post! We think your mood board is amazing and that your word perseverance is such a lovely word that would mean a lot to so many people!
    Thank you,
    Clo xx


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