Monday, 15 July 2013

Nip+Fab Dry Leg Fix

Apologies for disappearing for awhile but again I've been extremely hectic. So, one of the good things about working in convenience store is that sometimes the lads keep the samples off magazines for you! I'm one of few girls left in the store so I basically get first choice! This doesn't happen very often but when it does its fantastic.
So one of the freebies I got recently was Nip+Fab Dry Leg Fix and I already love Nip+Fab products. I'm going to admit something I'm quite ashamed of, I barely shave my legs or moisturise them or do anything really with them...mainly because they're hidden under a pair of tights or leggings! I don't get dry legs but sometimes the stubble gets a bit irritating and itchy. 
This product smells fantastic and it worked really well in stopping that irritating itch. And Nip+Fab products are usually quite cheap which is a huge bonus. I've been using this Dry Leg Fix for the past week and I actually feel more comfortable about getting my legs out more. They look more moisturised and feel a lot better. Overall it's a fantastic product and I'll defo be popping this on my beauty buy list!
What do you think of Nip+Fab products? Have you tried their Dry Leg Fix?


  1. lovely post! sounds like a nice product i may try out in the future!

    I have tagged you in the 'I ♥ Summer Tag' which you can have a look at here...

    if you do complete the tag, please leave me a comment on my blog, and i will be sure enough to have a good look.

    Laura xxx

    1. Thanks so much... I'm definitely going to do the summer tag!!xXx


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