Saturday, 29 June 2013

Barry M vs. Sugar Dolls

I'm going to be killing two birds with one stone with this post. I'm a sucker for a good nail polish and especially a pretty pink. I've been on the look out for a neon pink for years now after buying a fantastic shade in America 5 years ago!
So I first came across the Barry M limited edition shade in a pink, which looked like it could be a nice dark neon-ish shade. The second shade I came across was Sugar Dolls #54 (available in A|Wear on Grafton Street). Both fell into completely different price brackets and both gave different results. 
Barry M (Left) and Sugar Dolls (Right)
Barry M Limited Edition Nail Polish
I'll start with the Barry M nail polish. At this stage everyone knows how much I love Barry M, and because this shade was limited edition I just had to purchase it. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed. It was so watery, looked quite similar to other shades Barry M have realised and chipped way too quick. The only thing that was good, was their bottle design to be honest. I was severely annoyed with this and would recommend any of you not to waste your time!
Sugar Dolls #54 Nail Polish
Ok so secondly, I purchased Sugar Dolls in shade #54. I've never used this brand before or even heard of this shade, but I'm so glad I did. I just happened to be in A|Wear on Grafton Street, and spotted this shade. It was a bit pricey at €10 each, HOWEVER, they had a promotion running meaning that these were 2 for €10. So technically one bottle worked out to be the same price as Barry M. SCORE!! I love love love this shade. It's bright, applies with easy, one coat will do, doesn't fade and after a few days I noticed very few chips! I was delighted! The only issue I had was that the shade was a little flat meaning you need a top coat to make it look glossy. Other than that it was perfect!

What do you girls think?! Have you tried either of these shades?!


  1. Think I like Sugar Dolls best, both beautiful summer colours! xxx

    1. Yeah I prefer the sugar dolls one too!! I was really disappointed with the Barry M one, considering they are usually such high quality!
      Thanks for your comment :)


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