Friday, 28 June 2013

Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover

Hey girls, 
So just a quick post today about my new eye make up remover! I posted awhile ago about "Johnsons gentle eye make up remover" and mentioned how fantastic it was. So over the past few weeks I've noticed it's running dangerously low and have been looking everywhere for it. On Wednesday night, I was literally trying to get the last drip out and realised I had to opt for a substitute (reluctantly). Thursday came around and I was having lunch with Ash and Meghan in Dundrum. After, myself and Ash went shopping and of course ended up in Penneys/ Primark. Whilst here I noticed they stocked Rimmel eye make up remover (it was only €5.53 and I was getting desperate). 

So, last night I used it for the first time and I was very pleased. The tiniest bit goes the longest way! It took all my eye make up off within about 5 swipes (I didn't even have to rub hard). Now this product is labelled GENTLE eye make up remover and it sort of stung my eyes a little. This could be because I have super sensitive eyes, but I didn't necessarily think it was gentle. 
Other than the slight stinging it done the job perfectly and I would recommend it. However, if I come across any of the Johnsons eye make up remover I'll be stocking up. 
Have you ever tried Rimmels Gentle Eye Make Up Remover?! What did you think?!

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