Thursday, 12 December 2013

Cocoa Brown Pink Party

On Monday night I was lucky enough to attend Cocoa Browns first birthday party, naturally a "Pink Party", in the Residence Members Club on Stephens Green. Everyone knows how much I love Cocoa Brown, and I feel ridiculously loyal to the brand now, so I jumped at the opportunity to attend. Unfortunately on the day I had been in work from 8am and ended up running behind, so I was a little bit late! When myself and Ash, from A Plus Size Pony Pal, walked in we were greeted by Marissa, who looked stunning as usual. Marissa is honestly a fantastic woman and such an inspiration. She makes you feel so welcome, and it's sort of like seeing a really good friend, which sounds absolutely crazy. Basically, I have a lot of time for her. 
Myself and Ash shimmied our way through the room to see a nail station set up. We were able to get our nails painted and have a little Cocoa Brown stamp too. 
As you can see from the photo, one nail has the Cocoa Brown logo on it. Talk about being a walking advertisement... Do I mind... NOPE! The nails were created by iNailz, and I'm so surprised I've never seen anything like this before. Basically they can print images onto nails... CRAZY! The actual colour is a very "me" shade, sort of neon-ish and very very pink (Charged Up Cherry by OPI). 
The party also had a table full of sweets, which was way too tempting for me to even consider avoiding it. Check out how pretty and pink it is, fair play to Sugar and Spices for setting it up.
After a couple of delicious cocktails, way too many sweets and new nails, myself and Ash went on our way. I had such a fantastic night and was glad to see some other blogger faces there! A huge happy birthday to Cocoa Brown and congratulations to all of the team. Marissa, Sarah, Aisling and Stephanie have achieved so much in one year, and hopefully 2014 will be another fantastic year for the company. I'm so glad to have been invited to the party and I will continue to support the company as much as I can. 

If you have been living under a rock, Cocoa Brown is available in most chemists, Penneys/ Primark stores, Superdrug, Tescos and Boots. So you have no excuse not to have a bottle... Or four!

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