Thursday, 28 November 2013

How Now My Perfect Brows... featuring Soap and Glory "Arch de Triumph"

Hello lovely ladies!
Ok, so my love of eyebrows has grown significantly over the past year and a bit, and looking back at picture before I payed any attention to my eyebrows I just think WHY?! Now I'm not saying my eyebrows are fantastic or worthy of an award, but since I've actually started getting them tinted and waxed once a month I've noticed how much they frame my face (thank you Brown Cow and Lorraine for creating a brow addict!). 
So in between tints I have to fill them in with a pencil. Now here are my problems:
1)     Because I’m a natural red head I have fairer eyebrows and lashes’, meaning it’s difficult to find the right shade to suit my complexion.
2)     Due to over-plucking in my teens there are somewhat bald parts of my brows which even tinting won’t cover (said bald parts are at the bridge of my nose, the thickest part of my eyebrow).
I have been using a Rimmel eyebrow pencil for the past year and I have to say it has never let me down once. The odd time I’ll use my Benefit Brow-zing kit, if I want to really define my brows. Both work a treat!
A recent purchase I added to my daily routine was Soap and Glory’s “Arch de Triump” crayon. My best friend Niamh had been ranting and raving about this product for ages, but every time we went to check if Boots had it in stock, they never did. We both came to the conclusion that it had been discontinued, until one day Niamh spotted it on the shelves. I can only imagine to her it was like a beaming light that attracted her to the shelves, like Jesus’ resurrection. This product seemed to be like the holy grail, ridiculous hard to come by. There were two left on the shelves. So I sort of had to buy it, didn't I?! All in the name of blogging right?!
The packaging is exactly how you would imagine a Soap and Glory product to be, over the top, 1950’s- esque, pin up style! I’m always attracted to the packaging straight away. I love that on the back of the box it has a little users guide, the “How Now Perfect Brow”. I honestly have no clue what I paid for it, but the Boots website says it is €11.50, but I'm not 100% sure!
So, onto the product itself… I’m still not 100% sure. The brow shaper (dark side of the crayon) just doesn’t seem to work. I know it sounds crazy but it doesn't seem to fill my brows in. The highlighter on the other hand is AMAZING. Easy to use and is actually a pinky colour as opposed to a bright white. If they made just a highlighter version of the crayon I’d buy every single one.
So… has it made it into my make up bag? YES, but this is only because of the highlighter. I still use my Rimmel pencil for the filling in part of my routine. Would I buy it again? Probably not. For just a highlighter, it sort of seems like a waste, even though it is the best highlighter I have come across.
Have any of you tried “Arch de Triumph”? What are your opinions, I’d love to hear from you?!

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