Thursday, 23 May 2013

Benefit Brow-Zing Review

Hello Girls :)
I'm FINALLY finished my exams! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I'm almost there now just my thesis to be handed up on the 5th… so less than 2 weeks and I can finally get back to blogging more! 
So, mam and dad went away a few weeks ago and I asked them to pick me up something in the Duty Free! Ash had recommended Benefits Brow-Zings eyebrow kit to me awhile ago, and I had to try it out. 
As most people know, I'm very fair and my eyebrows have very little definition. I love getting my brows tinted and reshaped because they really frame your face. I've included a before, during and after picture to show you how well this product works!
Overall this product is well worth the price. It was €27 in Duty Free which isn't  actually too bad! I would recommend this to anyone that loves defined brows. I've been using this product everyday for the past three weeks and it looks like I've hardly touched it, so I'd say this will last me months!
I love the mini brushes that you can use out-and-about and also the mini tweezers, perfect idea. Overall I'd rate it 9/10, loosing one mark because its sort of difficult to understand the instructions included. Other than that, and if your comfortable doing hi-brows, then I'd highly recommend this.

What do you girls think of Benefit products? Have you tried this product? Opinions?! 

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