Thursday, 7 February 2013

Everyday Essentials

One of my friends recently done a blog on her everyday college essentials and I thought I would share with you my everyday essentials (regardless of where I'm going). A lot of people have commented on the size of the bags that I carry (they're exceptionally large), but I do tend to carry a lot in them, and I love big bags! The main reason though that I will always have a big bag is because since I am in my final year I tend to either have college work with me, when I'm out and about, or journal articles for my thesis. I know this could seem extremely nerdy and what not, but I really don't care, any spare chance I get I try do something. So other than usually always  having college work with me, these are my other everyday essentials:
My Everyday Essentials
1. A diary and a pen - Working 3 jobs, having college and a social life, I sometimes need to write stuff down to remember where I am, on what days and what I'm meant to be doing. I recommend that anyone with a busy schedule to get one, because whether I have the hours that I've worked for the week or meetings I need to be at written down, in the past year this has been my life saver.
2. Lip Care - Whether it's vaseline or carmex I always carry something. I hate the feeling of my lips becoming really chapped, especially around winter time!
3. Body Spray/ Deodrant - Every girl should carry a perfume, body spray or deodrant in their handbag. There is nothing worse than getting a feeling that you smell a little bit and panicking for the rest of the day. Even if you don't use it, you may need it for an emergency one day!
4. Mints - I hate feeling like I have bad breath, and due to the fact that I tend to eat smelly and spicy foods, and I smoke, I will always have a pack of chewing gum in my bag. There is nothing better than having nice fresh breath all day around.
5. Bonjela - Due to the fact I get mouth ulcers a lot I always have to carry around bonjela.
6. Pain Killers - Again, because I get mouth ulcers I always have pain killers in my bag. Also great for any other pains and will realistically never go to waste (it's beginning to sound like I'm a walking first aid kit).
7. Eye Liner & 8. Lipstick - I'll admit I used to carry around my entire make up kit with me, but after many near fatal losses, I decided to only bring the essentials. And the essentials for me are lipstick and eyeliner. I always wear black eyeliner and I'm currently using Barry M kohl pencil which is relatively inexpensive, around €7. For my lipstick I usually carry around nude shades or light pinks for everyday use. Currently in my handbag I have Rimmel's Kate Moss Lipstick #26 Rossetto. It's a nude colour and adds a lovely gloss to your lips.
9. Hand Cream - I thought I had included this in the picture, but I must have forgotten somehow. Working with cash and newspapers, my hands get very dry, VERY quick. I'll always carry some form of hand cream in my bag, and I'm fairly sure most girls do (well most of my best friends do anyway). Right now, I'm using Vaseline healthy hands and UV protection (the green bottle). This has lasted about 5 months and I still have a good bit left. An essential to any girls hand bag!

Saying this, my going out bag would not contain as much stuff! Usually if I was going out I would have lipstick, mascara and an eye liner to touch up my make up (and if I remember, concealer), my camera which rarely ever emerges, my phone, my passport and money, and of course my house keys.

So that's my basic day to day hand bag essentials, quite a lot but they all come in handy at some point!


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