Monday, 18 February 2013

Slight Obsession...

New Shoes From Bank
I had to do a review on my new shoes, they are that amazing!! I've been complimented on them at least 20 times since I've started wearing them. My boyfriend bought me them for Valentines day, and I had been scoping them out since the start of the month. They're from Bank, which is in Liffey Valley, and they're relatively inexpensive. Bank opened in Liffey Valley, I'd say, less than a year ago. I was kind of afraid to go inside for the first few months, mainly because I could see so much that I wanted to buy but was afraid of extortionate prices. I eventually built up the courage and stepped inside and realised it wasn't overly priced and was actually quite reasonable. I've only actually been in twice, but that's because I'm rarely ever up in Liffey Valley. Their style and merch at the moment is kind of that 90's swag and they have a lot of camouflage, snapbacks and hi-tops, which is all fine with me because it's a trend I'm currently loving. 
So I ended up seeing these Hi-top runners in Bank just before Valentines Day and I asked my boyfriend to get them for me (I hate when people buy me gifts and I know they will never be used, I'd rather just let someone know what to buy me). These runners have a wedge in them so they give you a little bit of height. I'm not small at all, I'm actually a quite tall (5'9ft) but I love the wedge because it makes my legs look slimmer. They're so easy to walk in and look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy jumper.
I told my boyfriend to get them in a size 7 because I have a high in step (I'm usually a size 6) and I wanted to be safe. They are a tight fit but they could stretch out. I'm fairly sure they cost around €38 and I think that Bank do a 10% student discount, so you get them for less than €35. Definitely love love LOVE these shoes and would tell every one to get a pair.
I also think I may have to save up and go on a Bank shopping spree...

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