Friday, 8 February 2013

Recent Purchases

I may have went a little bit overboard when I went shopping the other day, but then saying that I rarely ever spoil  myself (or have money to spoil myself). I ended up in Liffey Valley and was on the look out for some new spring/summer bits. I seen some pretty dresses but to be honest I wasn't overly pushed on them. I ended up buying a really nice black crop top in New Look which I have been looking for, for awhile. It was only €6.99 and I got student discount on top of that. I then went into Republic but I really wasn't feeling the style they had in at the moment, so ended up not buying anything, which is so strange!
I ended up going down to Dundrum later on in the day and picked up a few bits in Penneys. I'll admit I'm such a scab sometimes, that when I see something I like, I'll usually wait until Penneys get their own version in! As much as I love brand names, I can't actually afford them. So I ended up buying a good bit but the total was only €40, so I don't actually mind. Unfortunately I didn't see anything anywhere else, which is so typical.
Van Style Shoes €8
Black Skinny Jeans €8
Trackie Bottom €8
Fringe Vest €8
Black Lightweight Vest €4
Skull Print Scarf €4
New Look Black Crop Top €6.99

I ended up venturing into Boots, probably the one place I have to buy something! I bought some more of that Barry M nail polish in Plum and also 17 lasting fix lipstick in Honey Blossom. The lipstick is a bit risky for me, a little bit darker but it's not going to be for everyday use and will be mainly used for specific outfits or looks. It kind of has an orange tint to it which I only really realised when I got home, but it is nice on. The nail polish I of course had to buy after my experience with the other one and they're only €5.99 so it's well worth it.
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polish in Plum
17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Honey Blossom

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