Friday, 22 February 2013

100 Facts About Me

I recently read a post on my best friend, Ashs, blog and decided this is something I have to do. Some facts people already know, others people don't!
1.My names Dawn...DUH...It's a Greek name!
2. I have one sister
3. She's not like everyone else, special to me
4. My favourite animals are giraffes, closely followed by foxes, penguins and elephants
5. I'm a natural ginger
6. I have tons of freckles, but they only come out in the sun
7. My favourite colour is pink
8.  My room is pink
9. I act before I think, which has gotten me in a lot of trouble
10. I used to be super vain
11. I done my leaving certificate in 2008
12. I got 300 points
13. I done better in my mocks
14. I'm 22 and this year I'm going to turn 21 again
15. I love my hair
16. I hate hair being anywhere near food
17. I'm actually quite clumsy (certain people know the extent of this)
18. I fall atleast once on a night out
19. I sing...ALL THE TIME
20. I done singing lesson in 6th year for my leaving cert
21. I don't play sports
22. But I love swimming and walking
23. But I hate the sea
24. I have a fear of sharks...a really, really bad fear
25. I wouldn't walk through the shark tank in Florida without my dad
26. I love my dad
27. Others are terrified of him
28. He's a taxi driver at weekends
29. And I'm terrified he won't come home one night
30. He tries to shield me from the real world too much and I'm such a daddys girl
31. I'm getting super emotional writing this
32. I'm always super emotional
33. I look more like my mam, everyone says it
34. When I'm not paying attention, I sometimes go cock-eyed
35. I have four dogs
36. In 2012, I lost three in 7 months
37. Miss communication occurs a lot in my family
38. I'm a leo
39. I've had, what I would consider, four proper boyfriends
40. My longest relationship was a year and 6 months (exactly)
41. I've cheated before
42. And been cheated on
43. I've lost close friends in the past two years
44. And gained better ones
45. I'm in my final year of college
46. I'm studying retail and service management
47. The dream is to own my own business
48. I love the girls in college
49. I have the 5 best friends ever
50. Aisling is my best friends
51. I smoke and have done since I was 14
52. I don't know what colour my eyes are (any input would be helpful)
53. I have three jobs
54. I'm always busy
55. I'm a neat freak....apart from my room
56. I love nail polishes
57. Especially Barry M
58. I'm terrified of being alone
59. Spring is my favourite season
60. I can't sit still for too long
61. I've had a lot of piercings
62. I regret not doing classes when I was younger
63. I have a thing for blondes
64. Especially Macklemore atm
65. My boyfriends name is Mick
66. And I've been with him for a year and 3 months
67. I officially became his girlfriend on the 3rd of November (how cheesy)
68. That's also my dads and his mams birthday, and my nanas anniversary
69. I can't pronunce my r's very well and am very concious about saying certain words because of it!
70. I don't have any grandparents, they all passed away before I was born/ old enough to remember
71.  The worst thing I've had to live through was the day my uncle passed away
72. The second worst was my friends mam passing
73. I try to please everyone
74. I bottle things up
75. I'm such a little housewife
76. I love cleaning
77.I talk in my sleep
78. And also grind my teeth
79. I had braces
80. I don't read...EVER
81. My favourite holiday was to Florida
82. And I got to feed a giraffe
83. My favourite movie is Breakfast at Tiffanys or The Notebook
84. I have a huge crush on Ryan Gosling
85. And a little girl crush on Emma Stone
86. I've been working since I was 16
87. I don't know where I'll be in a week, let alone 5 years
88. My favourite perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy
89. My favourite blogger is Leanne Woodful
90. I used to hang around with her when I was a lot younger
91. I'll marry the person that takes me back to New York
92. I'm hard to read
93. I'm a big child at heart
94. All of my teddys have names
95. My dog Millie makes me smile everyday
96. I won't leave my house without make up
97. I got my full licence in 2009
98. My surname is Welsh
99. My mams maiden name is Sheehan
100. I've had an easy life, and love it all so far, including all the bits that have made me stronger.

Fair play if you got through them all..and thanks for reading


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    1. Thank you so much for following me and I'm following you back! I also entered your giveaway there xx


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