Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What's in my make-up box...

Okay so I had to do a post about my make-up case. As you can see from the picture my make up case is ridiculously big! My boyfriend bought it for me for our one year anniversary and it was actually a fairly decent purchase. When I first seen it, I was like "YES this is going to be an excuse to fill it", but I've actually found it hasn't been that hard. It's actually the perfect size for me because before I had three make-up bags, each organised into different sections e.g. day-to-day, nights out, random stuff. My boyfriend used to say it was ridiculous, because I would ask him to get me my make-up bag when I was getting ready, and he would give me the wrong one, which would usually result in me getting mad because he didn't know which one I meant #GirlProblems. 

This case is actually perfect for me because of the amount of different sections and I can put my pride and joy (MAC Make-up Brushes) away safely, AND everything is kept neatly together. And it's pink! So the left hand side is my sort of every day make-up, with the essentials being on the top (click here to see the blog on my everyday essentials) and the one off bits, on the lower section. 

The top right hand side has all of my night out essentials (darker foundation, black eye shadows, gel liner, etc) and the bottom section has lots of random eye-shadows and little bit and bobs.
So anyone that really knows me, knows how much I like to make an effort and feel glam. The bottom section of my make up case helps me achieve false eye lashes. I have about 5 individual sets and then I purchased 10 pairs of lashes from eBay last year, which was such a great investment (€1.50 I think for the set with postage and packaging). If you ever see me wearing false eyelashes during the day and I'm not going out that night, you know I'm feeling a little bit low and was in need of a pick me up!
The bottom shelf also has my make-up brushes, baby wipes (essential), brush cleaner and cleansing pads.
My main aim from this make-up case is to eventually get my nail polishes into it, and moisturisers and all that. I want to make sure it is being utilised to it's full potential and that every space is being used wisely!
Am I bit O-T-T with the size of my make-up box?! Do you think I should reduce it down to one make-up bag?! I'd love to hear your opinion...

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