Friday, 22 February 2013

Quick Update

I haven't really been keeping up to date with my blog recently, and that's mainly because I've become really hectic with college. Only four weeks in and I know I have so much to do, and I've already submitted two assignments this week. Just a quick update of how college is going. So I'm starting my 5th week on Tuesday and it's so daunting thinking about the amount of work I still have to do. Two of my other close friends are also in their final year and either only have to submit a thesis or only have exams, so I really have a lot to do to maintain my 2.1. Oh that also brings me to my exam results, I got my results back about 2 weeks ago and passed everything with all my results being in the high 50's and 60's, so I was really happy with them (apart from one or two which I thought I done better in).
It was only yesterday that I realised I should probably update my blog, so decided to show you what I wore. These are basically two of my favourite outfits at the moment because they're both so easy to wear and anyone can pull them off! My college outfit is one of my favourites and newest.
Shorts - River Island - €35
DORK T-Shirt - Topshop - €27
Tights - Penneys - €3
Hi-Tops - Bank (Liffey Valley) -€38
Accessories - Friendship Bracelet - Claires Accessories, Charm Bracelet - Newbridge (Gift)

Thursday Outfits...
My boyfriend took me for dinner last night because we didn't get to go out for Valentines Day. Last year I was so sick, he had a booked a restaurant and I ended up not being able to go, so we both stayed in mine and all I could eat was baby food. So this year we said we would wait until the week after Valentines Day and go out on a day that suited both of us. We went to the Blazing Grill in Tallaght, and I can honestly not praise this place enough! The service is amazing and the food is even better. They're usually extremely busy, so I'd recommend you reserve a table. It's kind of a casual, yet smart restaurant so I wanted to make an effort without going over the top. The outfit I wore is something I'd also wear to work or college.
Jumper - Penneys
Black "Leather" Gilet - Penneys 
Black Skinny Jeans - Penneys - €15
Tank Top - H and M €4.99
Hi-Tops - Bank - €38
Bucket Bag - Penneys - €15
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