Sunday, 17 February 2013

Catrice Prime and Fine Loose Powder

Ok, so I recently bought a loose powder from Catrice and felt I had to do I review on it. I discovered this range about a year ago and fell in love, mainly due to the fact that all of their products are so ridiculously cheap and usually as high a quality as the more expensive brands.  I’ve always bought nail polishes and lipsticks from this brand have bought one setting powder which was fine.

I love loose powder because I feel it goes on a lot easier and doesn’t go hard I guess after a few uses, even if it is a bit messy! So I seen the Catrice Prime and Fine translucent loose powder for only €5.95 (I think) and had to buy it. I used it for about a week and thought this is perfect, even if it did end up all over my floor. I did however notice that in some natural light pictures it made my skin tone look a bit weird and uneven. I convinced myself it was just me being conscious about using a new product like this on my face and continued using it. I did end up wearing it on a night out though, and realised it made my face look so white and ghostly, while making it look incredibly uneven in photos. After seeing these I couldn’t wear it anymore and am literally about to throw it in the bin. I’m too paranoid to be honest that that’s how it was making my face look on a day-to-day basis.
Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and would definitely say pay the extra €10 for a well-known brand, especially if it’s going anywhere near your face (need I mention my Garda age card picture and cheap makeup disaster). Other than that Catrices products are usually perfect for me and I was quite disappointed I didn’t like this product, but I’ve learnt my lesson now!

Has anyone else had any dodgy dealing with the Catrice brand?! I’d love to know!


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  2. Thank you so much :) I'm only new at the whole thing so it's a bit daunting for me :/


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