Thursday, 17 July 2014

Vaseline "Spray and Go"

Years ago if you would have said to me that I'd be using a body lotion everyday, I'd say you're crazy. I have... or had fairly good skin back in my day. It's like I hit 22 and my skin became dried out, itchy and flaky, especially on my upper arms. I'm a huge Vaseline HUGE! I use it on my lips everyday to prevent them getting chapped, I put it on my fingernails and around my hairline when applying tan and I've even use it to help get piercings back in! It's so cheap you really can't go wrong. Vaseline, as a brand, have really made an impact on the beauty market. Think back to your childhood... Vaseline... what do you think? Me? I think of that huge tub that was found in the bathroom, but I never really knew what it was for, and I always presumed it was sort of like sudocream. How wrong I was! When Vaseline released their "Spray and Go" moisturiser I knew I needed it. At this point I already had a pot of Vaseline in every handbag I owned, was using a Vaseline deodorant and had tried their moisturiser. I'm one of these people that the more convenient it is the better. I tend to run late when meeting friends so I needed something like this product, but the price kept putting me off. But one day I bit the bullet and purchased my first can... And I haven't looked back since!
A spray and go.... how perfect! I was so excited to use this, so excited that I basically jumped in the shower when I got home to test it out! As I sprayed I realised it wasn't really a spray and go product. You need to rub it in, as it can disperse a bit too much moisturiser. I was disappointed with this, but when I realised that once you rub it in you can literally get dressed my opinion changed. It doesn't make you feel slimy for the next 24 hours, but you know you have moisturised. I love the smell of cocoa butter too, I always think it's so refreshing and this scent is no different. It's a continuous spray too which means your not trying to squeeze it out of bottle with slippy hands. Honestly, since using this my skin feels so much smoother and my time-keeping has seriously improved! I'm on to my third bottle since my first purchase in May... which is pretty good considering it's 190ml and I'm using it everyday. For just over €6 it's well worth a purchase.
It comes containing three different main ingredients; aloe, cocoa and oat extract. Perfect for everyone out there.

Have you used any of the Vaseline lotion range? What was your opinion?

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