Sunday, 20 July 2014

Boots Time Delay Toning Water

So, I'm really into my skin care regime at the moment... and when I say I'm into my skin care regime I mean I cleanse, tone and moisturise every night. So, yeah I'm really into my skincare regime! I recently bought a Boots own brand brightening toning water, mainly because it was half price... I do love a bargain! This was also a time delay product, so I of course had to buy it, I don't want to get old. It was only €3.34 so I didn't mind paying for it, but if it was €6.68, full price, then there would be no chance.
The product itself doesn't smell really harsh, which is good, but then again it doesn't really smell like anything. It just pores out as apposed to most liquid skin care products which squeeze out, so the majority of this ended up on my bedroom floor. On the back of the bottle it states that it contains antioxidants that help protect the skin against signs of aging, it evens skin tone and even tightens pore leaving "skin looking healthy". So the tightening pores part; it didn't tighten my pores and more so blocked them. After about a week of using this product every night I realised how spotty my skin had become. I wanted to reduce the signs of aging, not go back in time and become a 14 year old. I thought maybe this was the products way of getting the bad stuff out of my skin... wishful thinking right? But I continued to use it, until my skin became really itchy all the time and the spots never cleared. This was a clear sign that it didn't suit me and I had to stop using it.
One thing that sort of freaked me out at first was that on the back of the bottle it says that it contains alpha hydroxy acid or AHA which can increase your skins sensitivity in the sun and that if you are using this product be sure to limit sun exposure. Now it was mid-March when I bought it so I thought nothing of it, Ireland only gets sun one week a year and I'm indoors the majority of the time anyway. This AHA thing might not freak other people out but it does freak me out. Being very fair anyway the slightest bit of sun and I become some sort of lobster creature so I like to keep my skin protected. That and the fact my mam recently had to get a sun damaged spot on her chest removed by laser, also freaks me out. The fact that Boots have a product that can increase damage to your skin from the sun irritates me. Especially a product which would be aimed towards older ladies. I may be taking this the complete wrong way but it still annoys me!
Overall the spots and the possibility of sun damage didn't really suit me, but that was just my opinion. I realistically won't be buying any more products from the Boots "Time Delay" range... sorry Boots.

Have you used any Time Delay products? What was your opinion?

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