Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Tweezers

About two weeks ago I bit the bullet and ordered my first Glossy Box. I've heard such mixed reviews that I decided I had to try it myself. One of the products that came in my Glossy Box was a tweezers from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. Now I'm not going to lie, I've never ever bought a tweezers myself, I usually just rob mams till she buys a new one for herself (sorry mam)! So I've never had a brand spanking new tweezers. I used this for the first time last Friday and my god they're sharp. I was actually shocked. 
It has a slanted edge for thicker hairs that are easy to get, which is smooth to run along your brow bone. When you flip it the opposite way there's a pointed tip, which is fantastic for those fine hairs that can be a nightmare to pluck. 
These tweezers also came in a protective pouch which means it will be well protected if it gets thrown around your make up bag. 
Now onto the best part?! The design! It's so girly and cute. The perfect pattern for your typical girl. Much better than the usual silver steel appearance. 
I don't know if these tweezers were so good because they're brand spanking new, but I definitely thought my brows looked a lot better than usual, due to the sharpness of the product. 
The Vintage Cosmetic Company tweezers are available in most Boots stores for €10.50 and they're also available online
Have you tried any products from the vintage cosmetics company? What did you think?

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