Thursday, 6 March 2014

Who Run The World?!

Recently I have been thinking more and more about my future, and a huge part of this is what will I be doing in the future? As most people know I graduated in November with a 2.1 in Retail and Service Management. Last year was honestly the hardest year within my time in education, and I have to thank my wonderful family, fantastic friends and work colleagues (especially  Richie) for supporting me through this time. I personally feel that I am extremely hard-working and have always (well most of the time) tried my hardest in both college and work. Time-management has always been such a huge thing for me, trying to juggle friends, family, work and college is really tough. So girls, trust me if I can do it, you can too! It's going to be hard but keep at it, and make sure you take breaks, plenty and plenty of tea and chocolate breaks.

So with this, I still have no real clue where I want to be in 10 years time (maybe a W.A.G?). When I was younger, there was always this idea in my mind that men earn money, and women stay at home watching the kids, cooking the dinner, cleaning the house (and trust me, I know that this is a job in itself). This whole idea came from the fact that my mam was a stay at home wife, she was always there for me and I was really lucky in that sense. She did however end up going back to work, but I had always considered my dads wage, our main source of income (I now know that this is not true). As a kid I had the most ridiculous career aspirations; I wanted to be a hairdresser, a dancer, a singer, a cashier (retail has stuck with me somewhat), a waitress and at one point all I wanted to be was a cleaner. Now I'm not saying that these aren't real careers, they are, but I never once considered being something more.

Men ruled the world basically, and girls were basically baby makers. Obviously now my opinions have changed. And the main reason for this, is the increasing amount of women within business. This has been such an inspiration for me, as it has made me realise that I can be more. That I can have dreams and achieve them. 

Within the past few years there have been a few women that have made me realise this. One is obviously the amazing Marissa Carter. To come from a salon based in Blackrock, to creating a product which has become a household name. This week Marissa was at the Oscars, yes the OSCARS, giving celebrities a sun-kissed glow. Like I'm sorry but what?! Marissa was of course mentioned in The Irish Independents most inspirational women list for 2013. In just over a year the brand has released four products with another three being launched later in the year. Marissa, Sarah, Ashling and Stephaniehave made this happen through hard-work and determination. Four women. Not a man in sight. Basically what I'm saying is... Who rule the world? GIRLS! This is not a mans world.
I hope that things have changed for young girls now, and that they don't just want to marry someone when there older. And I really hope that teenagers can now see how far women can go, and have bigger dreams and aspirations. 

So, I know that this post is completely out of the ordinary for me, but I really feel that is important to acknowledge people that have made an impact on your life. What do you think? Do girls rule the world? Or is it still a mans world? (Buts lets be honest it would be nothing, without a woman or a girl....oh the cheese).

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