Monday, 3 February 2014

Cocoa Browns Chocolate Whip Moisturiser

Being a beauty blogger you'd think I'd be all into my exfoliating and moisturising... I'm not. I just don't have the time for it. I usually work earlies,  meaning I've to be awake by about half 5 and leaving my house by about 10 past 6. When I get home from work and shower I'm usually either too tired to do all that, or I have made plans and I'm literally rushing out the door. Saying that once or twice a week (usually the days I'm off) I'll be sure to at least moisturise after a shower. When I received my Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip moisturiser I wanted to see if the brand would change my ways... And it's quite possible they did. As everyone knows, I'm ridiculously loyal to Cocoa Brown, so I already had high hopes for this product (let alone the amount of reviews I had already read). 
The packaging is cute as always, maintaining their trademark pink (even if it is in a white tube). The fact it comes in a tube is fantastic, I hate tubs and bottles are just awkward (especially with wet hands). I decided I would start using this after applying a layer of tan, so on a dull Sunday morning (with a dreadful hangover) I layered myself with some Chocolate Whip. I was actually shocked to see it was brown... And NOT pink! I sort of expected it to smell overwhelmingly like chocolate, but it doesn't... It's even nicer AND my mam even complemented my smell (if it can cover up last nights double vodkas and red bulls it gets extra brownie points). 
After about five days of using it straight I noticed my tan faded more naturally, while lasting longer, and applying tan midweek went on smoother.
Silly me I forgot to take a picture of day 3
The best part about this is that it's not just for tanning, it's a fantastic day to day moisturiser. It's oil free so it doesn't clog pores either, thumbs up for Cocoa Brown thinking about our delicate Irish skin. 
Overall, it's officially in my bathroom cabinet and is being used everyday, and not just by me (yeah that's right mam, I know you use it too). I love the smell and it doesn't take too long to soak in either. The one flaw is that if you don't rub it in fully it can sort of cling to dry patches, leaving a brown tint with it.
Another great product by Marissa and her team... Fair play ladies! Defo worth a purchase and it's pretty much available everywhere (including online at Cloud10 Beauty), and as usual is as cheap as chips!!
Have you tried Cocoa Browns Chocolate Whip? What's your opinion?

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