Monday, 27 January 2014

A Classic Beauty Staple

So life at the moment has become pretty hectic, 2014 really has started with a bang. I'm working full-time now and the shifts are so long which means when I get home I just want to pass out, but at the end of the day I'm loving what I am doing! That and the cold weather making me ill, has sort of prevented me from having the energy to write up blog posts.
But hey back to this blog post. About a month ago, a friend suggested using baby lotion as eye make up remover. At first I was like, you have to be crazy, I'm not putting that stuff near my eyes. Then I though to myself, I don't recognise any of the chemicals in eye make up remover, so really what's the difference?!
I'm so cheap I even resorted to buying an own
brand bottle, as opposed to a brand name!
So I put it to the test. My god... I am never buying another bottle of eye makeup remover ever again... Like EVER.  Been using this every night and I haven't woken up and thought, Janey my eyes look a bit rough. I always found with actual eye makeup remover, it never removed all my eyeliner and mascara. Baby oil, on the other hand, does. It also makes under my eyes super soft. AND it doesn't sting my eyes, like other big brand names. And best yet? It's super cheap, lasts forever and can be used for lots of different things. 
After I give my make up brushes a clean I'll wipe some baby oil through the ends to keep them soft (sort of like conditioning them, I suppose). After a shower I'll use it to lock in the moisture (which also locks in body heat during the day, perfect for colder months). Usually after I shave my legs I lash some on, to prevent dryness and that burning sensation. And tonight, I'm going to try it as a foot moisturiser (I have awfully cracked heels) and I'll let you all know in my next blog post how it went!
My one issue is how oily and messy it is. Everyday I'll end up spilling loads all over my table and/ or legs. And it does make my eyes go a bit oily, but I usually just wipe this off with a cotton pad. However, this is the only flaw, so I seriously recommend any of you makeup lovers to give this a try. Well worth it!
Have you ever tried baby oil? Any unique uses of baby oil


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