Saturday, 11 January 2014

ManhaTan - A mini business with HUGE potential

A few weeks ago I was informed by Anita, of Anita's Beauty Spot, about an app created by four transition year students for their mini business. Yep, you heard that right; TRANSITION year students. I couldn't even think of an app like this now let alone at 15/ 16/ 17, so fair play to all of the girls.
 The app has three different options; information and prices on leading tanning brands, tanning salons based around Dublin, and hints and tips on applying your tan.
 The first section, which contains information on different tanning brands, is extremely useful and shows a huge variety of brands; from your cheap as chips St Moriz tan, to the higher end Vita Liberta PHenomenal Tan, and everything in between. Perfect for tanning newbies. Each product has information regarding ingredients, application, development times, prices and stockists. 

The second option allows you to see tanning salons throughout Dublin, which are near to you. By clicking on the red pins you can see information about the salons including their website and contact information, another helpful section especially if you're not up for tanning at home!
The final section, which is my favourite part, has loads of hints and tips, from choosing the brand with the right ingredients for you, to removing tan stains from clothing and bedding. Some of these tips I didn't even know, and I've been tanning since I was 14. 
I'm still literally shocked about this app. I have no clue how these girls have done it and made it look so professional... At their age I was worried about boy, not business ideas (needless to say my mini company idea was a last minute sweet shop where we sold sweets from the Euro shop!). You can clearly see how much research these girls have put in, and I really hope they are successful. The app is currently only available on iTunes and the salon section only contains information about Dublin salons, but it is designed to a very high quality and is very easy to use!

Have you heard about the ManhaTan app?! What do you think of the idea?!


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