Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Time

Happy Christmas! I hope everyone had a fantastic day spent with family and friends. I know this year may have been tough for many families, but trust me it gets better. I had such a quiet day spent with my family and dogs. As we've all grown older, Christmas sort of becomes another day, with an amazing dinner. This year was no different, we went to Mass, then onto the grave and then back home for way too much food. Have you ever eaten so much you feel drunk....from the food? Well, that's what happened to me! I literally spent the day in my onsie (it's a Minnie Mouse one by the way), watching TV and eating a tin of heroes. I also napped a good bit during the day.

On Stephens Day, myself and the girls had planned to go to the races in Lepordstown, but did anyone else see that weather? It was disgusting. We ended up leaving it and went for lunch, had wine and played board games all day instead. Now this is where my rant begins, we went for lunch in a local pub and all that was being serving was pizzas and toasties. This was fine because obviously it was Stephens Day whats the point in bringing in a chef for a few hours? So we ordered a pizza each.... €10... TEN EURO for a Dr Oetker pizza... You know the ones they sell frozen in Tesco for €2.50? Yes those ones. The boy that served us was also extremely rude. Needless to say I was severely unimpressed! It didn't ruin my day though. I had a fantastic day with the girls and we exchanged our Christmas presents. I was off work on the Saturday and back in Sunday morning, so I took it fairly easy. It was so nice to have a few days off and spend it with the people that I love, as cheesy as that sounds! 

Did you have a nice Christmas? What's everyone's plans for the New Year?

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